testimonial-chat-v2CyberGroup connects you with the market better than any other trading alert system and live trading room!

As a CyberGroup member, you will receive trading analysis, picks, activity reports and interaction with Fausto Pugliese and other professional traders. The live alerts system is delivered by twitter (creation of a FREE twitter account is required to participate).

We offer two programs to fit everyone's needs.

  • CyberGroup Express - Access to the "My CyberGroup" dashboard with archived recordings of our daily live meetings and picks for each day. Available at the close of the trading day.

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  • CyberGroup PRO - PRO membership includes our private twitter alert system sends you real-time updates on the market while you're on the go. Stock movements to watch, breakouts and market news. You can even set up alert notification via text message AND our daily live online trading room from 8:30am - 4:00pm EDT. Watch professional traders tackle the market in real-time, ask questions, discuss stocks and be a part of our community.

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