It Only takes 1… @CTUCyberGroup #AfterMarketRecap #CTU

Cyber Trading UniversityArticles It Only takes 1… @CTUCyberGroup #AfterMarketRecap #CTU

It Only takes 1… @CTUCyberGroup #AfterMarketRecap #CTU


Today in the CyberGroup chat room it was a relatively slow day. There was not much at the open that was screaming BUY like most of us saw. The one great thing about today was the lesson we learned. DON’T TRADE BY YOURSELF!

Being in a chat room is an extremely important part of being a trader. Not only does it give you some interaction in the lonely world of being a retail trader, but most importantly it gives you hundreds of eyes to catch things you might otherwise have missed.

Even though our morning list had a few 20c-40c winners, without the use of all of our eyes we never would have found $BLDP. At the open $BLDP went from $4.20 all the way up to $5.70, giving any trader ample time to take home their days pay and only have to work for 30 minutes.

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