We only have 2 Eyes…@CTUCyberGroup #CTU #AftermarketRecap

Cyber Trading UniversityArticles We only have 2 Eyes…@CTUCyberGroup #CTU #AftermarketRecap

We only have 2 Eyes…@CTUCyberGroup #CTU #AftermarketRecap

All month in the CyberGroup Live Trading Room we have made an absolute killing trading $PLUG, $FCEL and $BLDP. Just by looking at the stock tickers you would think that they were three completely separate securities that all happen to be in the same business genre. Take a look at all three charts though. What do you notice?


One of the biggest problems that new, intermediate and even the most experienced of traders have, is following more than one stock at the same time. We’ve all been there before but in some cases there’s no reason to even have to look. There are certain stocks that trade exactly alike and these three stocks are the perfect example of how you can watch one stock and still know exactly what the other two are doing.

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