Use Live Trading Chat Room To Your Advantage @CTUCyberGroup #CTU

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Use Live Trading Chat Room To Your Advantage @CTUCyberGroup #CTU

If you ask some of the member in the Live Trading Chat Room today what they made on their investment, some of them would say an astounding 100%!! This might sound crazy, but as Grant and a few of our other traders know this was a complete reality. Most of the time when you ask everyone where their big winners came from, they will either be from our morning watch list picks or sometimes the afternoon. Today though a lot of us learned why we are in a chat room and not just an alert service.

Today is one of the rare days that most of our list did not do what we expected directly at the open.


Although today our huge winner was $ISR. I called out $ISR right around the price of $1.20. Mike 2012 will be one of the first to tell you because he entered almost directly after. Not only is $ISR a very cheap stock but one of the great things trading it is the fact it trades an extreme high volume. You can get in and out of 10,000 shares in a breeze. If you look at the chart above this $1 stock reached all the way up to $3!! That’s $2 in profit total, you could of even chased it for $1! The lesson to be learned here is unfortunately our watch lists are not going to always pan out to your huge winners, but by using the CyberGroup Live Trading Chat Room to your advantage, there’s no a reason not to catch that one runner.

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