Still afraid to trade $1 stocks? @CTUCyberGroup #CTU #AftermarketRecap

Cyber Trading UniversityArticles Still afraid to trade $1 stocks? @CTUCyberGroup #CTU #AftermarketRecap

Still afraid to trade $1 stocks? @CTUCyberGroup #CTU #AftermarketRecap


Once again today the CyberGroup Live Trading Room made a killing trading $ISR. It was a huge winner yesterday and a big winner again this morning. After watching some of our traders take a $1000 investment and literally triple it, I was reminded of some traders during speaking I have done.

Whenever I go over the stocks that we’ve made 50%, 60% sometimes even over 100% on, there’s always someone that negatively blurts out, “I don’t trade penny stocks.” Just because a stock is cheaper does not make it a penny stock. When $C (Citigroup) was under $5, was that a penny stock? As some of you might remember it eventually went to $600 before falling to today’s price around $50. A stock being cheap is in no way a reason not to trade it. When you think about it, it’s actually a great reason. It takes a smaller initial investment, you’re not trading against the best traders on Wall Street and probably one of the best reasons would be the minimal risk you’re putting yourself in if the stock was to crash to 0.

The next time you hear someone ignorantly make that statement, let them know about $ISR and how in only 2 days we tripled our money. “A piggy bank with only two nickels in it makes a lot more noise than a full one.”

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