Stick to the Cyber Clock @CTUCyberGroup #CTU #AftermarketRecap

Cyber Trading UniversityArticles Stick to the Cyber Clock @CTUCyberGroup #CTU #AftermarketRecap

Stick to the Cyber Clock @CTUCyberGroup #CTU #AftermarketRecap


Today was a relatively slow day all around in the market, but like usual in CyberGroup we made the best of it and still found some winners to trade. Here is a chart of $SYMC. I reiterate over and over again the right times to trade during the day, and this graph just further proves that. We shorted $SYMC this morning and all the way until 11am EDT is continued to drop. You’ll also notice right at 11am the stock hit a bottom and after a small movement upwards it looks like the machine at the hospital after someone loses their heartbeat.

We don’t abide by these times just because it’s convenient, we follow the rules because time and time again it works. By not following the Cyber Clock on this specific trade you would have lost 40 cents of a great winner.


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