@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Not every day is a trading day

Cyber Trading UniversityArticles @CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Not every day is a trading day

@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Not every day is a trading day

As you can tell by the title, today wasn’t the best trading day. We had a few winners in the CyberGroup Live Trading Room, including $MU, $PBR and $ISR. Overall, as you can see in the graph of the Dow Jones the market got crushed again.


I know I tell my students almost every day, this is not a full time job. 90% of your time spent is educating yourself. When the market goes down like this it leaves great opportunities to short stocks, but what if your trading your IRA? I know some of you are saying you can trade bear ETF’s, but it is very hard to see the High Frequency Trades and can get a lot of people in trouble. A day like today would have been perfect to sit back and brush up on your education. Tomorrow is a new day and if it’s anything like our past 3 Tuesday’s, we are going to have a ton of stocks to trade. See most of you tomorrow in Phase 1!

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