@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Take the day off to make more money

Cyber Trading UniversityArticles @CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Take the day off to make more money

@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Take the day off to make more money

Today ends the trading week in the @ctucybergroup and what a week it’s been. Following suit of everyday so far we had some great picks, specifically in $UEPS $LIVE $BIOF and $WB. I want to talk about the topic we went over in the last class of phase 2 today, journaling.

Journaling is so important for so many reasons, especially at the beginning of your education and trading. One of the biggest reasons is for you to go over. You’d be surprised how many of my students have a losing trade and when going back over it can see exactly why it happened. This helps us determine our bad habits and prevent them from happening again. One of the interesting things you can find as well is patterns, which brings us to where we get today’s title from. I can’t even tell you how many people find that there’s a certain day that they don’t trade well. If you look back over a year period and every Friday, you end up in the red more than the black, guess what the easiest way for you to make more money is? Take the day off! Just like why we use the cyber clock, more trading doesn’t always add up to more profit, trading smart does.

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