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@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Work Like a Team

What a day in the CyberGroup PRO LIVE TRADING ROOM. I know sometimes it might sound like a broken record, but when you have a great group of traders who day after day continue to work together it makes it hard to not consistently succeed. Today’s morning started off with a bang a few minutes before the market even opened with $ISR. Most of us made a day’s pay real early with some others stocks such as $NQ $PEIX $FXEN and $YOD


Today we aren’t going to go over a lesson like usual, it’s just going to be short and sweet. A huge #shoutout to one of my Cyber Traders, Joyce. While I was teaching my class in the afternoon, Joyce was able to spot $AVNR. I’m not going to go into it being haulted, or the news that came out to make this stock pop, but when you look at the chart it’s pretty easy to see it did. Working like a team is so vitally important to not only our own success, but as well our fellow traders. Joyce was able to find $AVNR right as it started to pop, call it out and in turn make herself and most of the other traders a great profit. Without Joyce’s call out some of the traders might not have made their day’s pay. Ask anyone in the chat room if their success on a certain trade was because of someone else simply typing a ticker symbol. The answer will be unanimous across the board. Great work Joyce for once again showing us why it’s so important to work like a team.

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