@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Use Your Ticker!

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@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Use Your Ticker!


What incredible start to the week today in the CyberGroup Room! Things really started off with a bang when both $P and $CSIQ made a nice jump for most of the morning. We had some other great winners with $DEPO $ISR $CLDX and $PF.

The big stock I want to talk about today is $DRL. The following chart is of both Friday May 9th and Monday May 12th. Last week we taught an onsite class and right before 2:30 we really started to see this stock take off. Almost every one of my students made over $200 trading this on our training room. One of the newer things I taught my students was how to use a ticker and watch list. I don’t typically go into full detail on this in my class because it’s only really important if your following numerous stocks at a time, that’s why I only briefly touch on it. We all made great profits with $DRL but because of these two tools, it wasn’t only on Friday. If you take a look at the @ctucybergroup twitter page you will see that we were posting about it again today throughout the day. There were once again a bunch of great moves that all of my #cybertraders were able to catch. The main reason we caught these were because our ticker and watch list. It was still loaded up from last Friday so when the stock really started to pop around 10:30 ET we were able to capitalize on it for the rest of the day. As most of you know, I’m a big believer in keeping things simple, but these two tools can really insure that you don’t miss a beat!

I will see all my #cybertraders tomorrows at 9am EDT for our daily meeting, and lets continue to have a phenomenal May!

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