@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Use Twitter To Your Advantage

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@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Use Twitter To Your Advantage

I must sound like a broken record but once again we had such a great day in the CyberGroup Live Trading Room. The winners were ranging from level 1 stocks all the way to level 5 stocks but no matter your experience there was an opportunity. Winners ranged from $GORO $SUNE $PLUG and $DANG all the way to a more advanced stock such as $DXPE. I’m sure some of the traders out there reading this either have a full time job and cannot sit at a computer all day or even just other obligations having them out on the go during the day. They must look at these and think that they can’t utilize the great traders and picks thrown around all day. The thing is, you can.



Take a look at the chart of $ICLD, which happened to be one of our biggest winners of the day. Over the course of the open all the way to about 2pm the stock slowly moved about $1. The thing is the stock wasn’t tradable and there was barely any volume. Once again if you take a look at the chart, right around 2pm you’ll also see that the chart gets solid which means the volume starts to come in. I want you to also take a look at this picture of my @ctucybergroup twitter account. At 10:48PST which is 1:48 EDT I sent out a tweet to watch $ICLD above 4. For not only the traders in my room but those who are subscribed because they couldn’t be in the room they had an entire 2 minutes! 2 minutes to place a trade is like an eternity, but I gave them 2 minutes to place a trade and catch over $1 of this movement. On 1000 shares that is $1000 for you to profit on a 4000 investment. I understand we all live busy lives but by using Twitter as a trading tool you won’t have to miss any trades!

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