@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: 91.8% return on an $1,100 investment

Cyber Trading UniversityTrading Tips @CTUCyberGroup Lesson: 91.8% return on an $1,100 investment

@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: 91.8% return on an $1,100 investment

Today is the last day that a lot of our new trial members will be in the @ctucybergroup, but boy did we go out with a bang! The trade room has been on fire these past two day after the Memorial Day weekend. The winners were coming in left and right. We traded $SPEX right off the bat, it moved really quickly and we managed to get out before the shakes. The short on $DSW seemed to go on all day long. $FORM was a nice easy level 1 stock, along with $BLDP and $PLUG, but the HUGE winner was our trade with $DARA!


$DARA at one point today was up over 120% and closed being up 91.8%. I hate to brag sometimes but when was the last time someone showed you a 91.8% on an investment. People ask me all the time do you need a lot of money to trade. 1000 shares of $DARA would have been a $1,100 investment and you would have had a return of over $900 dollars. If I told people I could show them a 10% return over a year I’d have a line out my door all the way to Wall Street. It was a pleasure having all of our new members over this two week period and hopefully we’ll see you all for the months to come.

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