@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: An Executive Income in 15 Minutes

Cyber Trading UniversityTrading Tips @CTUCyberGroup Lesson: An Executive Income in 15 Minutes

@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: An Executive Income in 15 Minutes


Today even though the $DJI was only up $24.46, the $COMP, -$5,419 and the $NDX -$3.86 we were still able to make an absolute killing. The crazy thing is most of us did it in under 15 minutes. Some of the most common questions that I receive include, “Do you need a lot of money to start?” and “Do I have to sit in front of the computer all day?” The answers are NO and NO. Look at our huge winner today, the stock $GIGA. When I called this out this morning it was 9:32 EDT and the stock was only at $1.49. By 9:45 EDT, not even 15 minutes later the stock was at $3.90! So the answer to the first question about how much money you need to invest, the answer in this case was $1,490 on 1000 shares. If you would of hit the top, which by no means will most traders do, but just for arguments sake you would have made a total profit of $2,410 in less than 15 minutes! I would say the duration of 15 minutes isn’t the entire day. When was the last time someone brought a stock to you that reached over 185% in one day? Even if you took only half of the move over 7 minutes you still would have made over $1,200 for the day! There’s a reason a successful, educated trader will tell you this is the best job in the world. Someone tell me where in the world you can make $2,410 in under 15 minutes only investing $1,500?

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