@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Are You Losing Money Trading “Untradeable” Stock?

Cyber Trading UniversityArticles @CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Are You Losing Money Trading “Untradeable” Stock?

@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Are You Losing Money Trading “Untradeable” Stock?

SCTYnottradableThese past few weeks in the [highlight]CyberGroup Live Trading Room[/highlight] have just been absolutely unbelievable. Going back to Friday when we traded $KPTI which ran from $25 to over $50!!! Than the numerous stocks we’ve been trading making more than $1 moves every single morning. The trade room has been empty in the afternoons compared to the full capacity in the morning. Any of my students will tell you the reason being, they had made their days pay and now out enjoying these beautiful summer days.

The reason trading has such a high failure rate has nothing to do with it being hard. The #1 reason without a shadow of a doubt is the lack of education a trader has going into the market. In my Silver Course, lesson 2 this afternoon we went over “tradeable and nontradeable” stocks. So many people look at a stock, see it moving and decide to jump in. If you look at a stock such as $SCTY right here, you’ll see it had great movement, but for a trader starting off this is not tradeable by any means. Trading this is quite possibly one of the worst things that someone new to the market could do. I know I tell my inexperienced traders sometimes the best trade of the day was the one you didn’t make. There are so many variable that go into whether you should be trading a stock or not. The most expensive part of your trade, spread, as well volume, which sometimes is too low and sometimes too high. The list goes on and on. Without knowing these “commandments” you are putting yourself in a position to immediately fail. Make sure your mentor is teaching you these things, because without it you’ll be floating down the creek without a paddle.

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