The content of our courses does not promote any specific trading style, technique or theory. We simply teach our students how to understand and evaluate raw, factual information about a stock and its market makers.

Class Content

Cyber Trading University provides its students with a rich variety of educational classes in terms of platforms (equities, options, futures, forex), styles (daytrading, swing trading, momentum trading), and experience levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced).


Only seasoned, active, successful traders may teach at Cyber Trading University; students benefit from learning from those who have seen- and profited off of- every sort of trading situation.


Due to the cost effectiveness of online education, Cyber Trading University courses are much more affordable than those companies teaching similar information.

Risk Management

Knowing that properly managing your trading account is essential to surviving- and thriving- in the trading world, Cyber Trading University emphasizes a disciplined approach to trading in its classes.

Follow Up

Staff members contact new students after every class to answer any questions they might have, and listen to their feedback.


Cyber Trading University is a private, reputable company that has been in business since 1995. Students may enroll knowing they’ll have a trading education partner for many years to come.

Customer Loyalty

Cyber Trading University believes in building relationships with its students. Many students take multiple courses through the company, and continue to further expand their education by enrolling in courses several years after taking their initial class.

Complimentary Offerings

Free trial classes, trading software, archives, chat room access, and subscriptions to Equities Magazine give students the opportunity to learn more about Cyber Trading University’s services - and trading, in general - with no obligation and no cost.


Students may take all their classes online, allowing them to receive their education from the convenience and privacy of their home or office. Frequent live trading segments during market hours give students valuable real-life experience that facilitate the learning process.

Live Class Interaction

Students can ask questions, post comments, and receive immediate responses from the class instructor by using the chat feature available in every class; this interaction enhances the educational process and shortens the learning curve.

Course Information Availability

Students have the flexibility of viewing archived material by webinar for each class that they’ve taken; they may do so as many times as they want at no extra cost to solidify the information they’ve learned. On-demand videos and books are also available for purchase.

Customer Support

Staff members are always on hand during business hours to assist students with any issues they may have. Customers may call through the toll-free line, or send an e-mail through the Web site.

E-mail Communication

Students receive an e-mail reminder about their class along with log-in instructions. Afterwards, a quiz and a questionnaire about the class are e-mailed, as well as notices about upcoming classes.

Track Record

Thousands of students have received an education through Cyber Trading University since its inception.


Cyber Trading University values the privacy and online security of its students. A state-of-the-art, secure CRM database safeguards all customer information, and the company will not share this data with any outside party.

Guest Lectures

Fausto Pugliese educates attendees on how to achieve trading success at dozens of trading exhibitions and seminars worldwide each year.

At Cyber Trading University (CTU), we believe that stock evaluation and research should be left to the analysts to perform instead of the average novice. We feel strongly that high paid market analysts who are employed by the world’s most reputable financial institutions are more qualified to make an assessment of a stock position than any individual with little market knowledge and experience. That being said, CTU teaches our students how to comprehend, evaluate and act on the information that is formed by the analysts. This is where our main theory of “Shadowing the Dominant Market Maker” plays a big role in our teachings. Identifying, evaluating and copying the dominant market maker is a difficult task that is commonly misunderstood and executed with errors. We are confident that we will teach our students to do this accurately and effectively. Of course, there are many other details and topics discussed that surround this main theory.