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Trade of the Week for February 20, 2017

On February 22nd, we caught MBOT (Microbot Medical Inc.) in our trading room as it moved up with strong volume. According to, MBOT is a “medical device company specializing in the design and development of transformational micro-robotic medical technologies” and had announced they’ve been...

What is a ‘Day’s Pay’?

There is no other job as exhilarating, liberating, and rewarding as trading. But often times, people are interested in trading for the wrong reasons and have sky-high expectations before they even place their first trade We can’t blame people for thinking like this since we...

Trade of the Week for January 16, 2017


Often times we use the past history of a stock in order to devise and refine our daily trading plan. A good example of this was on the morning of Friday, January 20th when we noticed a common trade...

Trade of the Week for October 24, 2016

On Tuesday, October 25th we traded Dipexium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (DPRX), yet another pharmaceutical stock that gave us a “dead-cat bounce” opportunity. As is usually the case in these situations, DPRX had reported a failure to meet goals in its Phase 3 trial. After closing on...

Trade of the Week for October 17, 2016

Banc of California, or BANC, makes this Trade of the Week post after dropping nearly 30% in three hours before the close on Monday, October 17th. The catalyst behind the BANC landslide was a result of an anonymous short seller’s report that claimed the bank...