Learn to Scalp!

Some believe that HFTs (High-Frequency Trades), large commission fees, market volatility or illiquidity, make it impossible to use old, highly-successful, traditional trading strategies

…but they are wrong!

Using the word “scalping” in reference to a trading strategy, will immediately trigger the contrarians to question everything.  They will try to make assertions about the inability for it to work, but what they don’t know is there is a secret that is kept safe in the market.  By utilizing a disciplined risk/reward plan and this secret, you can unlock the power of profitability like never before.

What You Get

Bootcamp Kickstart Sessions

Two 1-Hour Live Sessions (Every 3 Months)
August 15 at 10:35am and 3pm

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Four 1-Hour Live Sessions (Every 3 Months)
August 16 & August 17 at 9:35am and 3pm

Monthly Q&A Sessions

Two Sessions Each Month
Starting in September (2 Sessions Each Month)

VIP Scalping Chatroom

Open 24-hours/7 Days a Week

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