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The Risks and Dangers of Dollar-Cost Averaging as a Trading Strategy

In a previous article, I strenuously warned against the temptation of holding overnight positions. When I give my top ten rules of day trading "don'ts", no overnights is Rule #1. A VERY close second is no dollar-cost averaging. For those who don’t know, dollar cost averaging is the process of buying additional stock after you’ve

Futures Trading Vs Options Trading: What’s the Best Investment Strategy

Are you trying to decide between futures trading and options trading for your next investment strategy? Knowing the key differences between these two kinds of trades can help you make an informed decision that best suits your needs. Futures trading is an agreement between two parties to buy or sell a set number of shares

The Truth About Penny Stocks: What Every Trader Needs to Know

When it comes to penny stocks, many traders have a common misconception that anything under $5 is considered a penny stock. However, the truth is that penny stocks can trade up to $20-$30 or more per share, and the value of the company and its revenue determine its classification. Penny stocks are typically known as

Why Simulated Trading is a Must for Beginner Traders | Best Trading Simulator Tips

Discover why using a trading simulator or paper trading is crucial for beginner traders to master essential skills and gain experience before risking real money. Get the best tips for using a simulator platform and succeeding in trading.  As a beginner trader, it can be tempting to jump into live trading without proper preparation. However,

What is a Short Squeeze and How Can You Capitalize on it?

 A short squeeze is a stock market phenomenon that occurs when a heavily shorted stock or security rises in price, causing traders who had previously sold it short to close out their positions and buy back the stock. This sudden buying pressure causes the price of the security to rise even further, creating a feedback

Highlights from Cyber Traders Summit 2018

Another successful Cyber Traders Summit in the books! Thanks to all our wonderful students who joined our CTU family and helped make this an unforgettable event. The Cyber Traders Summit is an annual members-only event where students from all over the world join us for three days of training, mentorship, camaraderie, and lots of good