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Hey folks,

Fausto here, and I can’t wait for our critical session on October 24th @ 11am eastern time (New York time). I wanted to give you a few important notes before the workshop goes live.


First and foremost, this might be the only opportunity you have to experience this workshop LIVE - meaning you have the chance to interact, ask questions and make sure you’re able to get maximum value from our time together.


Please be sure to add the date and time to your phone calendar, put a sticky note on your fridge or computer and tell your spouse you’re busy! You don’t want to miss this.


Most importantly, use the form above to signup for a text reminder before the session kicks off.

In fact, when you add your phone number in, we’ll send you a stock under $10 that’s on high alert for a big move - you’ll want to remember that stock going into the workshop Monday!


Thanks, see you there!


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