FOREX TRADING EDUCATIONGrow from an Amateur to an Expert Forex Trader

Cyber Trading University’s Forex Trading Program was designed to provide students with everything possible to maximize their odds of success and to ensure that students will have the support that they need throughout the learning process.

Cyber Trading University’s Forex Trading Education Program will provide students with the education, strategies and tools that you need to trade the 24-hour forex market.

Course Details

About the Phase 1 Forex Course:

Introduction to the Forex Market

  • Most Actively Traded Currencies & Currency Pairs
  • What is a Pip
  • Leverage
  • Margin
  • Rollover
  • Forex Hours
  • Charts
  • Placing Orders
  • Indicators
  • Market Watch, and other MT4 functions

Intro to Fundamental Analysis

  • Central Banks
  • Economic Indicators and other significant reports
  • Fundamental Analysis and long-term Forex trends
  • Economic Calendar
  • Other influences; Oil & Gold

Intro to Technical Analysis

  • Identifying the Long-term trends
  • Trending vs. Range bound market conditions
  • How to trade a Trend, how to trade a Range
  • Finding the appropriate trade using oscillators & indicators
  • RSI, Bollinger Bands, & Moving Averages
  • Writing your first trading plan
  • What is a Trading Plan, Why have a plan?
  • Trading goals
  • Best times of the day to trade
  • Trading rules

Intro to Basic Money Management

  • Determine Max Risk per trade and total account risk
  • Calculate individual trade risk
  • Position Sizing & Pip Value
  • Putting it all together & the proper use of a Demo Account

About the Phase 2 & 3 Forex Courses:

  • We will discuss the basic principles of the Forex market, why currencies move and how we can look to identify possible trends that may emerge over time.
  • An in-depth discussion of Technical Analysis also known as 'Reading the Charts'. This will include a vast array of technical indicators including Support & Resistance Trend Lines, Fibonacci, Pivot Points, Oscillators , Key Chart Patterns, Moving Averages and more.
  • Fundamental Analysis as it applies to interpreting Central Bank decisions, and how the Economic Calendar influences the trends that develop in the Forex market.
  • Here we will design and test various custom trading strategies that are best suited for our own individual needs. This will include testing our trading ideas on Live market conditions, facilitated with a demo / practice account while we document our results in an Excel spreadsheet, so we may further refine our strategies to the current market environment.
  • We will also discuss various trading techniques that can be employed to quite range-bound markets as well as the more volatile 'trending' conditions that occur around the release of key economic data.
  • In addition we will trade on various time frames and look to capitalize on the potential long-term trends that may emerge over time, while attempting to take advantage of smaller incremental moves from one trading session to another.
  • Risk Management / Money Management rules to live by, so that we will always be able to quantify exactly what our total market exposure is, so we may have a contingency plan for any future event.
  • In short, during our Live Forex Course our instructors will navigate the Forex market alongside each of our students so they may learn how to trade the Forex market and develop a Trading Plan that they will be able to use for their entire trading career moving forward.
  • Detailed Forex Trading Strategies for all Major Market Moves, including:
    • Trending Markets
    • Consolidated Markets
    • Counter Trend Strategies
    • Weekend Price Gaps
    • The Theory of Automated News Trades
  • Characteristics and Tactics for Each Major Market Session
  • Trade Management Guidelines
  • Real-Time Trading Practice
  • Multiple Time Frame Analysis
  • Trading Performance Statistics
  • Automated News Trading

Available Workshop

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About the Foundations of FX Trading Workshop:

This is an intensive two part introduction to trading the foreign exchange currency market. It is intended to provide attendees with the basic concepts, guidelines and tools needed to begin trading the exciting foreign exchange currencies market.

About the Forex Strategy Workshop:

Join us for this one-of-a-kind traders workshop where we take the next step in becoming a consistent and profitable trader, and give your trading account the best chances of steady growth over the long-run.

Profiting from Price Expansion Forex Workshop:

Price expansions are one of the simplest ways to consistently profit in the exciting foreign exchange currency market. If you are interested in learning an easy to follow strategy with which you can begin successfully trading Forex, understanding price expansions is a must!

Risk Management Forex Workshop:

This is a two part seminar providing the guidelines for proper risk and money management for all markets. One of the biggest reasons people lose money in the markets is they don't understand how to properly manage it. Attendees will also receive a Position Size Calculator that can be used to assist with risk management when trading the FX market.

Trade Journaling and Analysis Forex Workshop:

This is a two-hour seminar that provides the guidelines for becoming your own personal trading mentor. Many traders are NOT making consistent profits and struggle with making the right changes to improve their performance.