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This webinar is called "Are You Making These Mistakes with Fibonacci":

Fibonacci ratio analysis is one of the most powerful leading indicators available to today’s technical trader. The problem is most people either over complicate it, or are simply unsure of where to start and stop the ratio analysis. Join Todd Gordon for this “tell it like it is” informative webinar that will take the guess work out of ratio analysis. He will uncover his 3-step process of swing wave recognition, application of Fib retracements and extensions, and finally his ART ( account, risk, and trade) management process to walk you step-by-step through the trade.

Growth as a trader happens when you anticipate market movements rather than react. Reacting to price change is what leaves you “back in the pack” initiating trades well after the ideal entry window has passed. Using leading indicators we can anticipate our entries, along with clearly defined stop losses, to enter the market ahead of the pack putting you in a position of strength. Dealing from a position of strength will then give you options that many others don’t have.

Todd will also help you:

- Understand the 3-step process for ideal trade entry and exit selection
- Learn to identify major and minor swing waves to structure the ideal trade
- Anticipate market movement like a market maker, not react like a market taker.
- Learn the objective process of where to start and end the ratio tools

About Todd Gordon
Founder & Chief Analyst of

Todd Gordon is the founder of and a contributor to CNBC. He’s appeared frequently on Fast Money, Squawk on the Street, Money in Motion, Futures Now, and Street Signs. provides actionable market analysis and clear trading strategies in the currency, commodity, and equity markets for both amateur and professional traders.

In 2001, Todd began his career trading the equities market in San Diego, California, and then with Connors Capital, a hedge fund based in Los Angeles.

Most recently, Todd served as a Managing Partner for two and a half years at a trading and research company specializing in the foreign exchange markets. Prior to that, he served as the Senior Technical Strategist at for six years while simultaneously trading at GAIN Capital Asset Management, its parent company. The fund managed over $25 million and traded primarily in the G-10 currency markets.



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