Closing Bell Webinar with Andrew from Keene on the Market

Topic: “Swing Trading Options Based on Unusual Options Activity”

Keene On The Market

  • Why would a trader want to follow unusual options activity for swing trades?
  • Who places the large block orders and how can I use them to profit?
  • What makes an order “unusual” and how does a trader know it is actionable?
  • Where can a trader get access to institutional order flow?
  • How does a trader use this information to take higher probability trades in the stock and options markets?


The discussion in this workshop will focus on how retail traders can take advantage of information offered by institutional order flow. We will look at why these insights are important, and how traders can gain access to ‘the tape.’

Once we determine how to identify ‘unusual’ orders, we will examine how traders can use this information to structure trading strategies with medium to longer term holding periods. Finally, we will introduce a new, in-depth trading plan that walks a trader through the process of identifying, analyzing, and executing trades in the equity options market based on information gained from institutional order flow.


Andrew Keene

Andrew Keene

Speaker Bio:

Prior to founding in 2011, Andrew Keene worked as a proprietary trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Keene graduated from Botta Capital’s clerk-to-trade program to become known as one of fasted traders to ‘make a market.’

As a market maker he traded options in over 125 stocks, including Apple, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, and Yahoo.

Keene left Botta Capital to co-found KATL Group, where he was the largest, independent on-the-floor Apple trader in the world.

Andrew currently actively trades futures, equity options currency pairs, and commodities.

He regularly appears on CNBC, Bloomberg Television, and Fox Business.

His first book, Trade to Win Using Unusual Options Activity, Volatility, and Earnings currently available from Wiley Publishing.

In 2015, Andrew began regularly contributing to CNBC’s Trading Nation, where he focuses on educating viewers on equity options markets and the trading insights they provide.

Andrew received a B.S. in Finance with a concentration in Accountancy from the University of Illinois.

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