Closing Bell Webinar with Barry Burns from Top Dog Trading

Topic: "How To Trade With Complete Confidence Day In And Day Out."

Everyone attending the presentation will receive 5 free videos expanding on the information given during this session.

This presentation will contain down-to-earth, practical trading information you can start using immediately after the webinar.

Profitable trading is amazingly simple if you know what to focus on.

This class will teach you how to "see" the reality of which way the market is moving and is likely to continue to move by ignoring the noise, and focusing on clear, unambiguous signals.

The methodology analyzes 5 objectively measurable "energies" in the market. These energies measure what is actually happening in the market right now, not what could happen or someone thinks may happen.

Using a scorecard format with a rating of 1-5 (based on the 5 energies), when a majority of those energies align it creates a high-probability scenario or an "edge" in which the odds are on your side.

Stops are extremely tight. No trade risks more than 1 - 1 1/2 bars.

Rewards can be astronomical, and a clear, objective trailing stop is used to measure when the energy of the market changes and the probabilities begin to shift away from the trader.

Dr. Burns' method is simple and straightforward, with no fancy programs, indicators, or expensive high-tech tools needed.

It's an extremely low-risk strategy he uses for investing, swing trading, and daytrading forex, futures, stocks and options.

We will also look at some "Trading Tricks" that the pros use to gain an edge over the amateurs and how to avoid them being used against you.

About the Presenter

Barry Burns

Barry Burns

Dr. Barry Burns is a business man who has owned several small companies. His business background had taught him to focus on the bottom line, so his study of the financial markets was for one purpose only: to make profits.

He started his study of the markets under the direction of his father, Patrick F. Burns, who became independently wealthy through trading and had over 70 years of trading experience before passing away in 2005.

Barry Burns furthered his education by reading over 100 books on trading and investing, and spent over $50,000 in trading courses and education.

In addition, he hired three professional traders to mentor him personally. He even flew to Chicago to work with a former floor trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

All of this research and study resulted in insights which eventually led to the development of his own methodology.

About the Host

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Cyber Trading University has been providing training courses for almost 20 years, and is the only on-site trading university on Long Island,NY Cyber Trading University offers a comprehensive suite of training programs for direct access traders who want to acquire proven strategies and techniques used by traders on Wall Street.

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