Closing Bell Webinar with Gary Kamen from BarChart

Gary Kamen

Gary Kamen

Mastering Market Direction and Making It Work in Your Favor

WHAT moves a market? And more importantly, WHO is moving the market?

Join Gary Kamen, 25+ year veteran of the markets and Chief Market Strategist at CRB’s Trends In Futures, as he explores these important questions and gives you practical advice on how to become a master at understanding market direction and making it work to your advantage.

During this live webinar, Gary will cover:

  • the chart indicator you should be using to uncovering what truly lies beneath a market’s direction and trend
  • a simple strategy to find high-probability trades that Gary has perfected over 18 years and works in all market conditions … up, down, or sideways
  • a unique trend-following system that produces buy and sell signals
  • how this system can be used to define an exit strategy that controls your risk and can lead to more profitable trades

Gary will also answer your LIVE questions at the end of the session.

If you have any interest in futures, commodities, forex or futures option trading, this webinar gives you information that can immediately help you make better trading decisions.

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