Closing Bell Webinar with Mark Dannenberg from Options Money Maker

Mark Danneberg

Mark Danneberg

Mark Dannenberg is the CEO and Founder of Options Money Maker and has been trading the markets for over 25 years.  Mark works with aspiring traders interested in learning the Art of Trading.  There are a wide range of trading strategies and trying to learn them all can be overwhelming especially if you don’t even know where to begin.  Mark specializes in helping traders focus on learning how to trade successfully by teaching them the specific strategies and steps necessary to grow a small account into a BIG account.

Join industry veteran Mark Dannenberg for a free one-hour webinar on the Art of Trading, How to Simplify your trading and Grow BIGGER Profits.  In this information packed webinar you will learn that trading can be as simple as you would like it to be and that usually, the simpler you make it the more profitable your account will be.

Mark will share with you:

  • The three keys to trading credit spreads profitably and consistently.
  • The two simple adjustments that can save most any position.
  • How to choose when to get in without complicated technical indicators.
  • How to properly compound profits to grow a small account into a BIG account.
  • How to trade part-time in just 15 minutes per day and earn excellent returns.
  • How to eliminate fear and stress from your trading.
  • The three simple questions to answer everyday on each position to know exactly what action to take or not take.

If you are new to trading, this webinar will teach you how to get started and keep things simple.  If you are an experienced trader not achieving the profits or consistency you desire, this webinar will show you how to earn more and spend less time doing it.

Please join Mark and learn How to Simplify Your Trading!

About Mark

Mark Dannenberg has been trading personally for over 26 years and has been teaching traders since 2006. Mark’s teaching style and experience with all market conditions is the perfect combination for any trader hoping to improve their trading. He is actively engaged in the markets every day and guides traders through the real-time decisions necessary to succeed through his daily position review webinars. Mark’s desire is to help people achieve financial liberation and lifestyle freedom through options trading.

About the Host

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