Closing Bell Webinar with Pat Barham of Trade the System

Topic: "Maximize Profit Potential during Holiday Trading"

  • Key Components of the Pat's Holiday Trade Setup
  • Important News Events that Affect the Trade
  • Specifics on Trading the Move Including Entry, Stops and Targets

Pat Barham

Pat Barham

Pat Barham has been actively trading futures and equities for over 30 years. He began his career in the agricultural industry, a career that would eventually introduce him to the financial side of agriculture as an institutional grain trader. From that point on, Pat pursued the challenging opportunity of trading the futures market. Through 30 years of trading, Pat has seen much change in the markets. From paper chart books that he filled in by hand every day to computers that do it all for you. From slow hand written order entry systems and even slower fill reporting, to electronic entries and fills in a split second. He has also had the opportunity to trade almost every futures contract that has been offered and to observe all types of traders, from icons like John Henry to traders that blow their accounts out in a few short weeks. In dealing with these traders, he has also experienced first hand how people react or respond to certain market conditions over the years. He learned many years ago that to react to something is seldom good but to respond is preferable. In trading, those that respond are the ones that have the longevity in the markets. With all Pat's experience, teaching others to trade has been a high priority.

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