Closing Bell Webinar with John Ondercin from WinVesting


TOPIC: How To Find Trades That Happen At Specific Times – Like Clockwork!

DESCRIPTION: Are you exhausted from sitting around at your computer all day waiting for a particular setup to happen so you can take a trade? Most traders waste HOURS waiting for a good trade to come along. (Sound familiar?) Not any longer! On this exclusive webinar, you'll learn how to find trades that happen at VERY SPECIFIC TIMES throughout the day and night – so specific you can set your watch by them. Here's What You'll Discover During This Webinar:
  • John will walk you through a specific "Time Trade" that you can start trading live the next day
  • The optimal entry and exit methods for the trade
  • Where to put your profit targets and stops and minimize your risk AUTOMATICALLY
  • How to find other Time Trades around the clock that are consistently predictable and only take 5-10 minutes per trade
  • ...and much more!
Don’t miss this groundbreaking strategy for taking trades on YOUR schedule rather than waiting around all day at your computer. BIO: John Ondercin is the Chief Trading Strategist at Invest To Success and A full-time trader since 1999, John's books include the Amazon best-seller “Options Trading in a Nutshell” and numerous courses on day trading and advanced options strategies. His focus is on protecting your portfolio while providing monthly cash flow. John has been teaching his strategies since 2005 to both new and institutional traders in 53 countries around the world.

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