Cyber Expo 2015 - Trading Summit with Steve Bigalow, Todd Gordon, Vince Vora, John Hutchison & Fausto Pugliese


Steve Bigalow @ 10am et / 7am pt

Founder of Candlestick Forum - View Bio

Title: "T-line Trading for Fast Profits"

Description: Interpreting fast price moves can be overwhelming. They require on-the-spot decisions and the wrong assumption can be devastating.

  • How to protect your gains when trading
  • Early warning indicators a trend is about to turn.
  • When it’s safe to stay in a trend; even after sell signals
  • Identify optimal selling points in an oversold condition.
  • Buying points in oversold conditions
  • Identify price support


Vince Vora @ 11am et / 8am pt

Senior Trader at TradingWins - View Bio

Topic: "Winning Momentum Strategy"

Description: This powerhouse course will teach you how to use momentum, the Ichimoku Cloud and RSI, with our unique settings, to identify pinpoint entries on breakout trades before they happen. There are a lot of different ways to combine these indicators and the secret to success is really in the recipe of that combination.

This simple system has been consistently profitable not just this year but over the last two decades. During this course, you will:

  • Learn to use the only two simple charting indicators you'll need to trade this powerful system
  • Identify entry and exit points with laser precision
  • Find out why it works on stocks, options, forex and futures for both long and short trades
  • Learn to become a pro at scanning for winning setups


Fausto Pugliese @ 12 noon et / 9am pt

Founder of Cyber Trading University - View Bio

Topic: "How To Prosper In Volatile Times"

Description: Anyone involved with the financial markets in the past few years is aware of the wild market swings that have taken place. Crude oil plunged by over 50 percent since the summer, the U.S. Dollar had its most powerful rally in a decade, and stocks have experienced several panics and surges this fall. While many traders are caught off-guard by extreme market fluctuations like this, Cyber Trading University’s founder and CEO Fausto Pugliese is like a kid in a candy shop. Fausto’s unique trading methods are designed to thrive on both upside and downside volatility. These are the same techniques that allowed Fausto to profit from the late-1990s Dot-Com bubble and the 2008 Crash, and every other market condition as well.

Fausto will discuss his methods and the following skills:

  • How to determine the best entry and exit points
  • How to find the most tradeable stocks
  • How to avoid common pitfalls that day traders face
  • Identifying and following the “smart money” in each stock
  • Developing a trader’s mindset and proper psychology


Todd Gordon @ 1pm et / 10am pt

Founder of Trading Analysis - View Bio

Topic: "Are You Making These Mistakes with Fibonacci"

Description: Fibonacci ratio analysis is one of the most powerful leading indicators available to today’s technical trader. The problem is most people either over complicate it, or are simply unsure of where to start and stop the ratio analysis. Join Todd Gordon for this “tell it like it is” informative webinar that will take the guess work out of ratio analysis. He will uncover his 3-step process of swing wave recognition, application of Fib retracements and extensions, and finally his ART ( account, risk, and trade) management process to walk you step-by-step through the trade. Growth as a trader happens when you anticipate market movements rather than react. Reacting to price change is what leaves you “back in the pack” initiating trades well after the ideal entry window has passed. Using leading indicators we can anticipate our entries, along with clearly defined stop losses, to enter the market ahead of the pack putting you in a position of strength. Dealing from a position of strength will then give you options that many others don’t have.

You'll Learn:

  • Understand the 3-step process for ideal trade entry and exit selection
  • Learn to identify major and minor swing waves to structure the ideal trade
  • Anticipate market movement like a market maker, not react like a market taker
  • Learn the objective process of where to start and end the ratio tools


John Hutchison @ 2pm et / 11am pt

Partner at Traders Reserve - View Bio

Topic: "Simple Investing Plan Actually Works "

Description: As we all know, it’s harder than ever for the average investor or trader to make consistent (and realistic) gains…
You have some wins, some losses, but at the end of the day…you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, right?
What if you had a simple system that could consistently and realistically capture gains from the stock market every single month (not every year, every month) and then compound those gains to accelerate the growth of your portfolio?
That’s exactly what you’ll have when you join John Hutchinson for a special Millionaire Blueprint training event.
You’ll learn a powerful yet disciplined investing plan designed to turn your portfolio into a million dollars in about 8 years or less.

In this training, you’ll walk away with:

  • A unique hyper-compounding investing plan that right now averages 6.6% returns MONTHLY, while most investors "scrape by" on 3% per YEAR!
  • Simple "Trade Triggers" so you automatically secure investment gains and protect yourself from portfolio-wrecking losses; and,
  • The ONE number you MUST know so you always buy the right stocks…and avoid the wrong ones.

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