Trading Summit 2014 (6 Great Speakers Full-Day Online Conference)

steve-bigalow-trading-summit-2014 10am ET / 7am PT STEPHEN BIGALOW, CandleStick Forum

"How to Score an Unfair Advantage Over Other Traders"
  • How to get an edge over every other trader in the market, bordering on insider information (but legal).
  • How taking profits from the market can be like taking candy from a baby. You can know exactly when to enter and exit each and every trade... with maximum gains intact.
  • How to use his Triple-T Trading system to gain such a definite edge in your trading, you will in fact feel you have an unfair advantage over every other trader in the market.
  • And much more...

don-kaufman-trading-summit-2014 11am ET / 8am PT DON KAUFMAN, thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade
"What are the Odds? Utilizing Probability in Your Trading"
Join TD Ameritrade's Don Kaufman as he walks you through the logic and criteria behind building the right trades for your risk tolerance. Plus, discover how options, futures and Index products, combined with TD Ameritrade's thinkorswim® technology, could take your trading to the next level. Don Kaufman is one of the industry's leading option strategists and educational gurus. He started his career at thinkorswim in 1999 where he served as Chief Derivatives Instructor helping the firm progress into the industry leader in retail options trading and investor education services; TD Ameritrade acquired thinkorswim in June 2009. Today, he oversees strategy and deployment initiatives as a Director for the Trader Group at TD Ameritrade and is dedicated to the innovation and education surrounding derivative products.
fausto-pugliese-trading-summit-2014 12pm ET / 9am PT FAUSTO PUGLIESE, Cyber Trading University
"Using High-Frequency Trades to Level the Playing Field"
  • Discover how High Frequency Trades Effect the Market
  • Strategies on entry & exit options
  • Support/Resistance
  • ECN Book
  • Tradable stocks of the day
  • Market trends
  • Trading ideology
  • Market makers
  • What CTU traded

ron-wheeler-trading-summit-2014 1pm ET / 10am PT RON WHEELER, eSignal
"Using Advanced GET to Navigate Low Volatility Markets"
During the summer months when trading volume is typically lower it becomes more difficult to follow trend based trading strategies. In this class we'll use the Advanced GET False Bar Stochastic to isolate both reliable sideways patterns and also to quickly identify areas where trends are back into play. Using False Bar Stochastic will allow the trader to find opportunities in both trending and non-trending markets using one indicator.
  • Overview of the False Bar Stochastic Indicator
  • Separating Trends from non trends
  • Entry and Exit strategies

john-seville-trading-summit-2014 2pm ET / 11am PT JOHN SEVILLE, Acorn Wealth Corp.
"Profitable Trades And Targets: The Most Powerful Patterns In The Summer Months And How To Find Them Using Free Online Tools"
  • The critical differences between oscillating and momentum markets.
  • Stock Chart Patterns that Work in the Summer (Hint: 90% of them DO NOT)
  • How to set pin point entry and exit targets on your trades and make money while your enjoying your summer.
  • Winners & Losers: John's Recent Trade Results with These Tools
  • Interactive Q&A with John until ALL Questions are Answered

greg-mcdermott-trading-summit-2014 3pm ET / 12pm PT GREG MCDERMOTT, Cyber Trading University
"Option Greeks and the Black-Scholes Model"
  • Master of Applied Finance (Mapp Fin), Macqaurie University, Sydney, Australia, 1989
  • BS Financial Management, Saint Joseph's University, 1987.
  • Crude Oil Options Trader at the NYMEX.
  • Head Options Market Maker, JAS Securities, Philadelphia Stock Exchange.
  • Managed the firm's portfolio risk for a team of 10 options floor traders.
  • Market Maker in Dell Computer at the PHLX
  • Directed an Off-Floor Trading Unit for JAS Securities.
  • Qualified as an International Securities Exchange (ISE) DTR

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