CyberGroup GOLD Workshop "A New Way Of Looking At Overbought and Oversold Markets"

"A New Way Of Looking At Overbought and Oversold Markets"

Technical indicators that measure overbought and oversold stocks or other assets are some of the most popular indicators with traders these days. Also known as "oscillators", these indicators show when an asset is overextended to the upside or downside and likely to reverse. While there is some truth to the use of these indicators in this manner, Cyber Trading University instructor Jesse Colombo believes that most people use these indicators incorrectly.

In this exclusive webinar for CyberGroup subscribers and Gold and Platinum students, Jesse will teach a unique and powerful way of using these indicators that is quite different from their mainstream use. He will show when to use them the way they were designed as well as when to use them in the exact opposite manner to how they are commonly used.

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