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Topic: How To Find The Highest Probability Trades

Most trading instructors teach the same tired, old trading tools: chart patterns and technical indicators. Unfortunately, the high frequency trading era has diminished the usefulness of these tools because many of these techniques are already factored into algorithmic trading models. Fausto Pugliese’s trading model is different because it looks directly at supply and demand conditions in the market and allows traders to actually spot powerful upcoming moves by trading with the “smart money” players such as market makers and hedge funds.

You will learn how to:

  • To develop skills that will enable you to follow the dominant market makers
  • How to distinguish which brokerage firms control the most shares
  • How to understand and identify the difference between the variety of Electronic Communication Network vehicles like ARCA, NDSQ, EDGX and more.
  • To follow the ECN Book/Total View to see where most of the shares are looking to be bought or sold from other traders
  • How to use Time & Sales to gain insights into a stock’s supply and demand situation
  • You won’t want to miss this informative free webinar that will allow you to put probability in your favor for the first time.

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