Free Class: The Secrets of High Frequency Trading

The proliferation of high frequency trading and algorithmic trading has dramatically changed the dynamic of the financial markets in the past few years. Many popular trading systems have been rendered useless by these more high-tech competitors. Fortunately, Cyber Trading University CEO Fausto Pugliese's revolutionary trading system continues to stand the test of time and actually utilizes high frequency trading to its benefit.

Fausto Pugliese has been successfully trading the market for over two decades, and he knows the ins and outs of the market and every trick in the book that the "smart money" uses to confuse independent traders.

Fausto will teach you:

  • - How to follow the dominant market makers in each stock
  • - Spot and avoid typical market maker/HFT traps
  • - Identify the best entry and exit points
  • - How to implement proper risk management techniques
  • - How to find the best stocks to trade
  •  -...and much more


Fausto Pugliese

Course Instructor:

Fausto Pugliese was one of the original Day Traders of the early 1990's and one of the first independent traders to take advantage of the Direct Access Trading technology boom in 1987. He acquired a wealth of knowledge from years of hands on experience, beginning in the trenches, working side by side with some of the most practiced and successful traders in the industry. After spending considerable time mastering the art and discipline of day trading, Fausto chose to start his own company to share some of his highly-sought-after wisdom. Fausto is the 12 time champion at the World Traders Challenge, and is the author of How To Beat Market Makers At Their Own Game - Uncovering the Mysteries of Level II.

About the Host

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Fausto Pugliese

Fausto Pugliese, Founder and CEO of Cyber Trading University, was one of the first independent day traders to take advantage of the direct-access trading technology boom that started in 1987. In the early 1990s, he was one of the original SOES bandits on Wall Street. In Fausto’s years of active day trading, he acquired a wealth of knowledge from hands-on experience, working side-by-side with some of the most experienced market makers in the industry, watching closely as they would strategize and take positions in the stocks that they dominated.

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