Free Class: The Real Truth About High Frequency Trades

Fausto Pugliese

Fausto Pugliese

Active traders who use and understand Level II quotes continue to outperform those who don’t by a large margin. In this presentation, we will teach you how to use Level II quotes to enhance your performance. Learn why professionals rely on this data for quick decision making as it continues to be their main source of market information. Furthermore, you will learn how to uncover the hidden indicators and signals portrayed on Level II and understand why most experienced traders depend on it for guidance. In this session you will gain valuable insight and learn

  • To develop skills that will enable you to follow market makers
  • How to distinguish which brokerage firms control the most shares
  • How to understand and identify the difference between the variety of Electronic Communication Network vehicles like ARCA, NDSQ, EDGX and more......
  • How to shadow the Brokerage Firms
  • To follow the ECN Book/Total View to see where most of the shares are looking to be bought or sold from other traders
  • How to Use Time & Sales in a color format that would help you follow the supply and demand of a stocks movement

If you’re ready to enhance your trading skills and learn more about trading tools that you can begin using immediately to make money in the markets, this seminar is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

About the Host

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Fausto Pugliese

Fausto Pugliese, Founder and CEO of Cyber Trading University, was one of the first independent day traders to take advantage of the direct-access trading technology boom that started in 1987. In the early 1990s, he was one of the original SOES bandits on Wall Street. In Fausto’s years of active day trading, he acquired a wealth of knowledge from hands-on experience, working side-by-side with some of the most experienced market makers in the industry, watching closely as they would strategize and take positions in the stocks that they dominated.

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