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Dave Aquino

Dave Aquino


"Catching the Big Moves in Stocks and EFTs with little Risk"

In this 60-minute online presentation, you will learn:

  • Centralized Markets vs. Non-Centralized Markets (10 min)
  • Form a Complete Technical Picture of Any Market (5 min)
  • Price
  • Value
  • Momentum
  • Next Generation Technical Analysis Tools (5 min)
  • ValueCharts®
  • ValueBars(SM)
  • MQ Momentum
  • Precision Entry and Exit Trading Examples (20 min)
  • Q&A

Dave Aquino Bio & Background:
Dave Aquino is a professional options trader and mentor. With over 20 years of market experience, Dave is a highly sought after authority on trading options using his proprietary trading methods. He began his career as an intern with Merrill Lynch, after graduating from Vanderbilt University. At Merrill Lynch, Dave was influential in building and growing a clientele of businesses and wealthy individuals, as well as managing portfolios of individual securities, bonds, and stock options.

In 1999, Dave joined the Vanguard Group in the Greater Philadelphia Area, as an advisor in their high net worth Voyager Service Department. In 2001, Dave was promoted as a financial associate in Vanguard’s Asset Management Service Group. For over 12 years, Dave worked with his clientele overseeing their daily portfolios of individual securities, bonds, and stock options.

Dave now trades independently as well as pursues his passion for helping traders learn to trade as the Live Trading Room Specialist for the ValueCharts® Options and Equities Live Trading Room.

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