Free Closing Bell Webinar: Dave Osmond of MetaStock

Dave Osmond

Dave Osmond


MetaStock has been helping traders become successful for over 30 years. Specifically we will be discussing the newest addition to our suite of tools; our patent-pending "MetaStock Forecaster".
As traders we all want to know where price is going to go after we get our buy or sell signal. The Forecaster is designed to help understand the tendency of price after the technical set up occurs.

  • What is the new MetaStock Forecaster?
  • How does the Forecaster work and how will it impact my trading?
  • How do I use the Forecaster to find technical set ups?
  • How do I read the "Forecast Cloud" Patterns and what do they tell me about my set-ups?
  • How can I look into the past to see how the Forecaster performed on my securities?
  • How can I scan for Forecasting opportunities using the MetaStock Explorer?

About the Instructor

Dave Osmond, MetaStock Account Manager, has trained MetaStock clients from all over the world on how to trade using technical analysis at numerous trade shows, seminars, and live webinars. During his time with MetaStock, Dave has been teaching how to use and execute several strategies including the “classical” systems, like MACD, and RSI. He also teaches a number of recent popular systems like the RMO. When Dave isn't training clients on the award-winning MetaStock platform, he is using it to trade his own account. Dave graduated from Brigham Young University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in music and a minor in Vietnamese.

About the Host

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