Become An Expert On Volume, Time & Sales, + Level II/III

A Free Webinar Event on Wedesday, June 24th.

Fausto PuglieseFausto Pugliese, the founder and CEO of Cyber Trading University, is teaching a fascinating free webinar called "Become An Expert On Volume, Time & Sales, and Level II/III." Fausto is a master trader with over two decades of experience and a twelve-time champion of the MoneyShow Traders' Challenge. Fausto developed a revolutionary daytrading system in his early-twenties and became so successful with this system that he semi-retired shortly after.

Fausto's specialized in following and trading alongside institutional "smart money" in fast-moving Nasdaq stocks, and his system makes heavy use of volume, time and sales, and Nasdaq Level II & III. Fausto uses these tools differently than the vast majority of traders, and he will teach you these unique methods in this free webinar.

In addition, Fausto will teach you:

  • How to decipher Nasdaq Market Maker movements
  • Finding the most profitable stocks to trade
  • Spotting the highest probability chart patterns
  • Reading order flow to predict coming stock moves
  • Finding hidden support and resistance levels

Event Details:
Wednesday, June 24th
12:00 - 1:00 PM EST

Level: Intermediate
Presented by Fausto Pugliese
Director of Cyber Trading University

About the Host

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Cyber Trading University

Cyber Trading University has been providing training courses for almost 20 years, and is the only on-site trading university on Long Island,NY Cyber Trading University offers a comprehensive suite of training programs for direct access traders who want to acquire proven strategies and techniques used by traders on Wall Street.

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