Pro Forex Workshop (Lesson 1)

About the Phase 1 Forex Course:

Introduction to the Forex Market

Most Actively Traded Currencies & Currency Pairs
What is a Pip
Forex Hours
FXCM Trading Platform

Placing Orders
Market Watch, and other MT4 functions
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Intro to Fundamental Analysis

Central Banks
Economic Indicators and other significant reports
Fundamental Analysis and long-term Forex trends
Economic Calendar
Other influences; Oil & Gold
Intro to Technical Analysis

Identifying the Long-term trends
Trending vs. Range bound market conditions
How to trade a Trend, how to trade a Range
Finding the appropriate trade using oscillators & indicators
RSI, Bollinger Bands, & Moving Averages
Writing your first trading plan
What is a Trading Plan, Why have a plan?
Trading goals
Best times of the day to trade
Trading rules
Intro to Basic Money Management

Determine Max Risk per trade and total account risk
Calculate individual trade risk
Position Sizing & Pip Value
Putting it all together & the proper use of a Demo Account

About the Host

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Greg McDermott

Master of Applied Finance (Mapp Fin), Macqaurie University, Sydney, Australia, 1989 BS Financial Management, Saint Joseph’s University, 1987. Crude Oil Options Trader at the NYMEX. Head Options Market Maker, JAS Securities, Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Managed the firm’s portfolio risk for a team of 10 options floor traders. Market Maker in Dell Computer at the PHLX Directed an Off-Floor Trading Unit for JAS Securities. Qualified as an International Securities Exchange (ISE) DTR

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