The AlphaShark Forum: Keene’s Panel of Experts Share Their Strategies for Beating a Rigged Market

In this complimentary, one-day online seminar, attendees will:
- Learn how to create your own ‘edge’ regardless of market condition. These experts believe there are no ‘tough’ markets, only conditions in which traders have little experience trading.
- Discover easy-to-master techniques to profit in bullish, bearish, or sideways markets in both high and low volatility environments
- Quickly learn the strategies the Algos DON’T want revealed – in an easy to learn, step-by-step format you can apply to your trading as soon as the open of the next market session.
We are limited to a fixed # of registrants due to technical constraints, but click here to reserve your ‘virtual’ seat.

The full schedule for the AlphaShark Trading Summit is as follows:

Pro Trader #1:
Christian Fromhertz, KOTM Trader & former Director of Delta One Trading at Merrill Lynch, reveals his 3 Pronged Attack for Trading Stocks & ETFs, including:
- ETF Fund Flows
- Unusual Options Activity for ETFs & Stocks

Pro Trader #2:
Fausto Pugliese, Founder & CEO of Cyber Trading University, shares How To Trade Your Way To Prosperity.
- See bullet-proof techniques for trading small-cap, big-moving Nasdaq listed stocks

Pro Trader #3:
Preston James aka ‘Pirate James + the MoneyPress,’ shares a little-known, almost magic piece of news that makes a stock go up 86% of the time over the next 3-6 months . . .and it's NOT earnings!
- I can’t reveal anything further about this topic, but it is NOT something to be missed!

Pro Trader #4:
Web ‘MarketWebs’ Begole, Trader at KeeneOnTheMarket on Futures: Trading The Leveraged Game
-The differences between the beasts of the S&P Mini, Crude, and Euro Futures
-Day Trading the above and the particulars to watch for each.
-Using the AlphaDog Tracker and Hunter for edge.
Pitch: MarketWebs AlphaDog indicators.

Pro Trader #5:
OptionPit’s Mark ‘SeaBass’ Sebastian on Maximizing Profits with Weekly Options and VIX
-Understand the structure of Weekly Options
-How the use of Weekly can ramp up income generation
-Professional trading approaches the Option Pit traders regularly
-Risk Management techniques to keep the profits made in Weekly trades

Pro Trader #6
AAPL Trader’s Micah Lamar on Increase AAPL & GOOGL Swing Trade Profitability
-The 7 Steps to Increase Your Swing Trade Success in AAPL, GOOG and many other stocks
-How to use Probability Stacking for an Immediate Boost in your Swing Trades.
-Why seasonality can determine monthly swing cycles in AAPL.
-The #1 Trigger For Entering Swing Trades in AAPL and GOOG.
-And much much more...

Pro Trader #7
Andrew Keene, Founder and CEO of, on How To Trade UOA: Repairing, Adding, & Cutting Losers
- When does one exit a losing trade?
- When does one add to a losing position?
- How to repair a trade with other options
- Understanding risk in weekly options, front month options, and back month options
Don’t miss this exclusive event! I mean, how often do you get not one… but seven… of the market’s top trading experts to share their exclusive knowledge and trading secrets at one place that has taken them literally decades to accumulate?

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