Traders Spectacular: Full-Day Webinar with 6 Speakers

DON'T MISS THIS GREAT WEB EVENT ON DECEMBER 6, 2014 starting @ 10am ET / 7am PT


Give the gift of successful trading with proven strategies in Trader’s Discipline and Psychology. Stay focused and make the most of your trading days... 12 trading days before the Christmas season.

Join Norman Hallett, Steve Bigalow, Alan Knuckman, Tom Busby, Fausto Pugliese and Greg McDermott for this full-day free trading education event.



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The Traders Spectacular Lineup & Agenda...

10am ET / 7am PT
NORMAN HALLETT, The Disciplined Trader

Norman Hallett

Norman Hallett

"Building and Maintaining Your Positive Momentum"

Building and maintaining a positive attitude as a trader is a talent that successful traders have learned to own. In this presentation, Norman Hallett will lay out how you too can own this essential skill. With all the negativity that surrounds us as traders (the talking heads, all the sales pitches saying we need to change everything we're doing, etc., etc.) having the skill to maintain a positive momentum and stay focused on your trading plan is critical to your success.

11am ET / 8am PT
STEPHEN BIGALOW, CandleStick Forum

Steve Bigalow

Steve Bigalow

"Bullish Power Strategies Quantified"

8 of the strongest signals and patterns that consistently find big price moves

After 30 years of working with candlestick signals, Stephen Bigalow has selected a quantitative list of which signals and patterns work the best.

In ‘Bullish Power Strategies Quantified’ Steve reviews .

  • Signals that work in all time frames
  • Strategies ideal for day-trading
  • Established patterns for picking long-term positions
  • And much more...

12pm ET / 9am PT

Alan Knuckman

Alan Knuckman

"Strategy Customization for Any and All Conditions"

Webinar Description: How to use options to lower risk and increase probability of success in these dynamic markets. Analysis of the market factors including direction trends and volatility to construct trading candidates with solid reward to risk ratios.

1pm ET / 10am PT
FAUSTO PUGLIESE, Cyber Trading University

Fausto Pugliese

Fausto Pugliese

"Using High-Frequency Trades to Level the Playing Field"
  • Discover how High Frequency Trades Affect the Market
  • Strategies on entry & exit options
  • Support/Resistance
  • ECN Book
  • Tradeable stocks of the day
  • Market trends
  • Trading ideology
  • Market makers
  • What CTU traded

2pm ET / 11am PT
TOM BUSBY, Diversified Trading Institute

Tom Busby

Tom Busby

"Using the Global 24-Hour Clock for Market Timing"
  • Understanding the Global Market
  • Recognizing Trend Reversals with the Busby 7/11 Rule
  • Using the DAX 6am Number to Determine Trend

3pm ET / 12pm PT
GREG MCDERMOTT, Cyber Trading University

Greg McDermott

Greg McDermott

"The Options Advantage"
  • Master of Applied Finance (Mapp Fin), Macqaurie University, Sydney, Australia, 1989
  • BS Financial Management, Saint Joseph's University, 1987.
  • Crude Oil Options Trader at the NYMEX.
  • Head Options Market Maker, JAS Securities, Philadelphia Stock Exchange.
  • Managed the firm's portfolio risk for a team of 10 options floor traders.
  • Market Maker in Dell Computer at the PHLX
  • Directed an Off-Floor Trading Unit for JAS Securities.
  • Qualified as an International Securities Exchange (ISE) DTR

Other Info

Duration: 6 Hours
XP Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Type: Online
Format: GoToWebinar
System Requirements: Windows, Mac OSX, iOS & Android

*This conference is available on Desktop and Mobile
*This webinar will be recorded and available after the live session.

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