Trading Summit 2014 (Focus on Options & Forex)


"Focus on Options & Forex Trading"

The Trading Summit Lineup & Agenda...

Norman Hallett

Norman Hallett

Norman Hallett of Disciplined Trader @ 11:00am ET

Topic: "Trader Time System"

Long term trading success can only be achieved if we have a
balance in our lives between our trading life and our our
personal 'away from trading' life.

Too much of the time, traders look to improve their trading
by spending more time learning and studying at the expense
of our own well-being.

BALANCE in how you spend your time is the ultimate key to
long term trding success.

In this presentation, Norman Hallett (known as The Disciplined
Trader) will show you a 'Trader Time System', that if adopted,
will insure your putting your efforts into the right places to
achieve the trading success you desire.

Trading is a marathon, not a sprint, and this unique 'time
system' is exclusively designed to maximize your success as
a trader... and a person!

Bio: Norman Hallett is the co-founder and CEO of Subconscious Training Corporation (STC), headquartered in Parkland, Florida. STC develops state-of-the-art mental training for the trading community, through their widely used program, The Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit.

After having spent time with Paine Webber as a stock broker, Mr. Hallett has developed numerous successful startup companies, including the CTA investment firm of Hallett Commodities, Inc., and the Introducing Broker operation, NCH Commodities, Inc.

Mr. Hallett holds a BA in Mathematics from the University of Cincinnati.

His high-profile style resulted in him being a frequent guest of top news programs going as far back as Financial News Network. Mr. Hallett’s popularity skyrocketed with his popular radio talk show, "Risky Business", which had a strong 5-year run in the 1990’s.

More recently, his concise ebook, “Mental Fitness for Traders”, went viral and has been downloaded by over 250,000 traders worldwide. In addition, his YouTube Channel, featuring his weekly 4-Minute Drill for Traders is about to eclipse 500,000 views.

The Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit has tightened up the trading discipline of thousands of traders from 42 different countries… and expanding.

Rob Booker

Rob Booker

Rob Booker @ 11:30am ET

Topic: Finding Hidden Trends for Big Trades

In this presentation you'll learn a simple method for spotting trends - and nailing Big Trades - early on. You'll learn a step-by-step method, and money management rules, for implementing the method.

Bio: "Rob is the author of Adventures of a Currency Trader and other books about trading. His trading systems and indicators are used daily by tens of thousands of traders worldwide. He's the host of the Trader's Podcast, available on iTunes, and a former CTA and money manager. More information at"

Greg McDermott

Greg McDermott

Greg McDermott of CTU @ 12pm ET

Topic: Option Greeks and the Black-Scholes Model

Greg McDermott will cover basic information to in depth Options strategies.

Chris Irvin

Chris Irvin

Chris Irvin of MTI @ 12:30pm ET

Topic: How to potentially may 25-30% overnight.

1. What is a Straddle,
2. How does a Straddle work
3. When is the best time to place a Straddle.

Bio: Christopher Irvin, a 14-year trading veteran of the options, stock, futures and currency markets, is a real-world trader who’s determined to help others find their place in the investment world. After owning a successful computer training company for six years he found that the “dream” of owning his own business rarely involved a good night’s sleep. He needed a change. In an effort to find a self-reliant form of income (without relying on managing employees), Christopher began trading options in 2000. With his very first trade, he knew that trading was not only the way for him to generate an income, but a way to control his time and spend more of it with his family. After years of going through the school of hard knocks and being left disappointed in the mirage that many so-called successful traders put up, he set out to not only dominate the investment world, but to also help others find the truth about how to they could reach their trading goals. As an international investment instructor since 2004, he has been a go-to contributor and speaker on Traders Television, Trading Views and His ability to trade and teach others garnered him national attention as an “All-Star” by Trade King in 2011. All in all, trading is a form of opportunity and freedom in Christopher’s eyes. Trading is a way to be more than just your own boss; it’s a way to be self-reliant: which equals true freedom.

Chris Vecchio

Chris Vecchio

Chris Vecchio of DailyFX @ 1:00pm ET

Topic: Using Options to Trade Spot FX

A perspective on currency market sentiment as it pertains to options markets and publicly-available CFTC Commitment of Traders data. The CFTC publishes a weekly report on positioning in futures markets, giving clear and reliable information on market sentiment. Yet said data is only available once per week and works on a four-day delay—making it less useful as a market timing tool. Traders can use FX Options Risk Reversals data to fill in the gaps.

Bio: Christopher Vecchio is a Currency Analyst for DailyFX. With a background in political science and law, he focuses on the interrelationships between geopolitical events, macroeconomic trends, and market reactions. Also an active trader, Christopher monitors the markets around the clock.

Other Info

Duration: 3 Hours
XP Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Type: Online
Format: GoToWebinar
System Requirements: Windows, Mac OSX, iOS & Android

*This conference is available on Desktop and Mobile
*This webinar will be recorded and available after the live session.

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