FX Workshop: Trading in 2 Hours a Day

with education grant sponsored by FXCM


Duration: 2 Hours
Difficulty: Intermediate

Here we will discuss the basic attributes to the Forex market, how to calculate margin, rollover, and a pip increment. We will then turn our attention to the FXCM trading station as we examine its various attributes and features such as their custom charts and indicators as well as the basic mechanics of place various types of orders and trade functions. At this point we will then discuss the essential elements of trading the Forex market such as the interpretation of news events and macro-economic trends, also known as Fundamental Analysis, as well as 'Technical Analysis'; the science in reading the price charts. Upon completion of this program every student will be armed with the tools necessary to read and interpret the chart and recent news events, and place logical trade, and take our first step towards a profitable and consistent trading career.

This Workshop Includes:

  • Learn to Trade with Tight Stops and Small Profit Targets
  • How to Mange Winning Trades with Trailing Stops
  • Understand How to Interpret 15 min, 5 Min and 1 Min Charts
  • Where do Professional Trades look for Market News and Trade Ideas
  • Free CTU Pivot Point and CTU Bands Meta Trader Custom Indicators
  • Free Short Term Trader Profile for to load into your Meta Trader 4 Charts
  • PLUS a month of CyberGroup PRO for FREE ($197 value)