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The Single Biggest Reason Most Daytraders Fail on NASDAQ
by Fausto Pugliese

Sure, there are plenty of reasons why daytraders stumble and eventually get washed out of the market.

Yet, one factor accounts for about 80% of this – a lack of a trading education.

Now, you may be saying I’m biased because I teach trading at my University. But, you have things backwards. The reason I decided to teach trading was that I understood how important the proper education was to a trader’s success...

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On the Radio

The Wall Street Shuffle is much more than just another talk show…fast-paced, topical, irreverent and smart analysis of the news and action of the day. Sure we discuss equities, investment and strategies. And, yes, we have only the absolute best national guests every day to bring perspective to complex issues.

But where we really shine is our unique ability to understand the complex financial and political worlds around us.  As we all know, money is politics and politics is money.  In today’s world of lightning fast political and regulatory changes, even the best investment strategy can come unraveled quickly unless you understand what other forces are moving your markets.

We take the time to get it right every day.  Crisp and fresh analysis of the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, our profligate Congress, the whims of the Executive branch, the latest from our Intel communities, cons and scams that could wreck your investments are all daily fare for our crack WSS Team.

We are proud that the information we discuss is as factual as possible. We then take that information and break it down into meaningful and actionable analysis. We may disagree on the conclusions but we won't disagree on the facts. There are too many talk shows that started out as political talk and then tried, most times unsuccessfully, to take that leap into financial analysis. We have always been a financial talk show that just happens to be very good at politics. These differences show when you discuss complex issues such as derivatives, off-balance sheet financing, the economic structure of various governments or the actions of central banks. Every one of these topics is significantly more important that a or from some analyst with the same information that you have.

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