PLATINUM STOCK TRADING PACKAGELifetime Access to Phase 1, 2 & 3 Stock Courses

This training path is designed to provide students with everything possible to maximize their odds of success and to ensure that they receive the support necessary throughout the process.

Cyber Trading University’s Platinum Stock Trading Package will provide students with the education and tools that they need to become a successful stock trader. This intensive three week program covers everything from Stock Market Basics to uncovering Market Maker Traps. Most importantly, this program gives students the ability to watch a professional trader in action during the trading day, showcasing the effectiveness of the strategies and methods outlined in this class.

Each class is broadcast live, providing students with the opportunity to interact with our established course instructors. All sessions are recorded and made available to students for review.

What the PLATINUM Stock Package Includes:

  • Stock Trading Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 Access
  • Lifetime Access to Re-takes to Online Classes
  • Access to All Recorded Class Sessions
  • 1 Years of CyberGroup GOLD Membership (Includes Daily Live Trading Room, LIVE Trading Alerts, Traders Talk Weekly Sessions, Workshops and Recordings)
  • 3 Sessions of One-on-one coaching
  • Presentation Lesson Planner eBooks (PDF Format)

Fausto Pugliese will personally show you through real-time demonstrations how market makers use a variety of methods to hide their intentions and mask their activities. When you apply the lessons learned in this class, you'll be able to reveal and predict the direction in which the dominant market maker is moving- and handsomely profit off of it.

What Phase 1 Covers:

    Phase 1 Stock Trading Course
  • Stock Market Basics
  • Finding Tradable Stocks
  • Time & Sales, ECN Books, and Shadowing Brokerage Firms
  • Charts, Graphs, Technical Analysis, and Other Essential Matters

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What Phase 2 Covers:

    Phase 2 Stock Trading Course
  • Scan for tradable stocks
  • Evaluate a stock for its tradability
  • Locate your entry and exit points
  • Identify the dominant market makers of a stock
  • Find important historical information about the activity of a dominant market maker

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What Phase 3 Covers:

  • After-market and pre-market trading
  • Assessing price levels
  • Avoiding overtrading
  • Best times to trade
  • Consolidating stocks
  • Dealing with ECNs
  • Deciding on a trading direction
  • Deciphering buzz words and common trader terminology
  • Determining a stock's elasticity
  • Learning about stock groups and how they trade together
  • Making the best bid and ask
  • Maximizing gains and minimizing losses
  • Momentum trading
  • News trading
  • Pegging orders
  • Reading chart patterns
  • Reading tickers
  • Scalping
  • Trading gaps
  • Understanding the effect of an index’s direction on its stocks
  • Using leading and lagging Indicators

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It’s important that you experience real-life market scenarios. After all, these are the sorts of situations you’ll encounter when you trade or invest on your own, and have your money at stake. Just how much success you’ll eventually have in the market depends partially on how well you’ll handle these challenges.

That’s why in this package, Fausto teaches you about the fundamentals you must have to be a wealthy trader or investor. Use this controlled learning environment to safely develop the skills and attributes needed to conquer the markets, with a highly experienced professional showing you the way.