CTU is amazing, how you can make more money in a week in 1 minute. It takes time because there is a lot to learn, but experience and persistence will make you very successful. I was trading 500 shares for awhile, now up to 1500s and it’s becoming much easier making money

~ Ken T.

I received the autographed book today,”How To Beat The Market Makers At Their Own Game. I wanted to personally thank you for the trial period in your trading room and for the book. It is the best $50.00 I ever spent. I enjoyed your staff and your trading skills. Thanks again.

~ Linda R.


I recently purchased your book and I took advantage of the holidays to read it not once but twice. This book by far is the best investment of my life!! I love it and looking forward to read it one more time.

~ Joe D.


My wife is really getting into your lessons on day trading using my membership. She wants to quit her job after she’s able to trade successfully herself and I’m making more than enough every month as well. How cool is that to have a husband and wife work an hour a day and spend the rest of their time together doing whatever we want? I will let you know if this works out months down the road.

~ Ron


I read your book last night and I can tell you its the single best book on trading ive ever read. I wish I would have read it first( if it was available lol) It would make the courses make so much more sense.

Thank You Again,

Excellent, traders talk today!!!!! I really enjoyed and learned a great deal from CTU. $LAKE example today. The continued progression of your already excellent program is a testament to your desire for your students to become successful traders. I continually sing your praises down here in in South Florida to every trader I meet. The improvements to the website and the new traders talk, one word: GREAT!!!!! I m extremely pleased, and coming along slowly, but seeing some improvements in my trading discipline. Thank you guys again for this new segment and I look forward to reviewing the video when it is posted online, in order to start consistently making that DAY’S PAY!.

~ Duane. C, Florida

For those watching…. I’ve traded everything, these guys are the best i’ve found in +20yr search…nuff said.
~ Trevor R


Reading your book is also helpful. I hope to finish it soon. Your book is an excellent addendum to the cyber trading Gold course. There are some fine points that I probably missed in class. So for reference I highlight the items I want to go back to.

I am starting to become more consistent.

Keith F.


Been a long time since you had to deal with me but this is good.  I have been taking Fausto’s classes(although something always come up during phase 3) and watching the recordings.  I quit my job so daytrading is my job now and by applying what I have learned I have exceeded my monthly goal of 10k per month or $500 per day.  I had some losing days but I did not let it discourage me, instead I listened to more of Fausto’s teachings.  Each day I analyze my trades why I got in and why I got out.  You guys are a breath of fresh air and your teachings are impeccable.  I encourage my friends to take Fausto’s course but many don’t want to pay the money but I encourage them to and will keep encouraging them to.  Since I quit my job I have more time with my family, I am focusing more on my health and constantly educating myself.  I just wanted to let you and everyone at CTU know how much I appreciated the help.  You guys rock!!!!

~ Ruth

Hello Fausto…Yes, your staff is always very helpful with any situation I call them about. And a note here should be, that, in today’s world that is a gift to any caller to CTU, whether they realize it or not. In plain English, you have a great staff and organization. Thanks for your email, it is, of course, always great to hear from you.  My interest in CTU will remain constant because I understand that there is no other stock trading course as honest and down to earth as yours.

Best regards,
Tony T.

I started with CTU about six months ago, after hearing your presentation with ToS. I started with the Platinum Stock Course without the DVDs, but with six months of the CyberGroup. Since then, I have taken “Learn to Trade Like a Disciplined Market Maker” and the “Intermediate Swing Courses.” These courses, along with being a member of the Cyber Group since starting CTU, have been invaluable in my education on the road to becoming a successful trader. (I also recommend the free Morning Meetings and Tuesday Closing Bell) There are many other successful traders in the Cyber Group willing to share their knowledge and I would like to sincerely thank every one of those people who have aided my education! All of this front line, REAL TIME education is backed up by an outstanding office staff. I’ve had the pleasure of communicating in some fashion with Pat, Buzz, Vanessa & Greg and I thank them for all of their continued support and quality service!

I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in learning how to trade should get an education through CTU first. Fausto is correct, ignorance is far more expensive. I only wish that I had found CTU earlier. CTU can teach you the methods and how to implement these methods to develop your skills. As I observe and experience these methods working repeatedly, I continue to gain confidence and develop the invaluable psychological discipline of a successful independent trader. If you want to learn how to successfully trade for yourself, to be a leader and not a follower, take CTU classes and become a member of the CyberGroup. Commit to learn the methods that CTU provides and develop the supporting discipline through training, experience, and continued mentoring at CTU.

Thanks Fausto and the CyberGroup members for the great education that continues every day that I can participate at CTU!


Just wanted to send a note about my experience with CTU since becoming a gold member in January. As you know, I had some experience with trading stocks and options, but had no experience as a day trader. I have thoroughly enjoyed the training. The classes are excellent and the teachers are phenomenal. I feel like I have been on a steep learning curve since I joined, and every day there is some new information that makes me a better trader. My options trading has improved, as well, as Fausto told me it would. I am now confident that I can rely on day trading to provide me an income. I am learning to trade more shares. I wake up every day looking forward to putting in practice what I have learned.

The experience in the Trading room is also exceptional. There are so many excellent traders that have helped me become a better trader by giving pointers and calling out stocks. I really like how the traders support each other. That was a real surprise. Feels like family.

I also want to thank you personally for all the help and support you have provided. Much appreciated. It was a pleasure to meet you at onsite in April, along with Fausto, the other teachers and traders.

Best Regards,
Donna A.


It has been an absolutely fantastic spring. . I am up $6.97 this morning, trading RTRX, BLOX, P, CSIQ, NEWL, and OVTI. I was +$4.08 yesterday in P, XGTI, NEWL, CSIQ, CLNE, ASTC, GTAT and TSL. Wednesday was +$5.49 Tuesday was great at +$6.29. Last week was much the same, with (in order) +$3.51 , $8.39 , +$6.98 , +$5.52 and +$6.27 , which is (truly) a bit crazy, as I started out 2.5 years ago as a fairly consistent $500/day trader.

Moreover, April was a fantastic month.

Again, thank you for teaching me to trade 2.5 years ago and for the great callouts in the chatroom every morning and afternoon. You are a fantastic teacher. Moreover, you have given me an absolutely invaluable skill set, in return for an exceedingly small amount of tuition and an initial ~6-months of fumbling around with small losses and moderate gains.

As a side note, do not listen to the naysayers, the critics or the idiots, whether in the chatroom or elsewhere. You are an excellent teacher. I think that the issue is that too many people think they can teach themselves to daytrade and/or they assume that one class (without the subsequent requisite ~6-months of trading experience) will make them good, consistent traders. This is utter nonsense. When I started daytrading in late-2011/early 2012, my viewpoint was that it takes 7-8 years to become an attorney, 7-10 years to become a doctor and 7-10 years to become a PhD. Thus, to become a consistent (much less good) trader was going to take some significant amount of time, effort and discipline. It took me around 6-months to become a consistent trader ($500/day) and about 1-year to become comfortable and moderately good at trading (roughly $1,000/day, on average). Thus, I consider my initial few months of small losses, plus the tuition I paid to CTU, as an exceedingly small price to pay for a skill set that I can utilize everyday for the rest of my life.


This is really getting fun. Things have really been improving every week. I can’t wait for the market to open in the morning.
In that last closing bell that you did with Jessie, a listener asked a question about winning percentage, so you in turn had the students answer. My answer was “about 65%”. I could hear in your voice you questioning my answer, which made me question my answer. So, I went back and checked. You are right, my overall since I started is 52% on 1552 trades. However, the month of December by itself was 63% on 287 trades . So far in January I am 66% on 51 trades.
I can attribute all of this to CTU’s training. The Traders Talk and the Workshops (especially the one on pennants) have really helped. I used to get out of trades when the stock would come down after the initial “flag pole”. But after hearing you explain how that is natural… ding ding ding another light bulb went on. Now I am staying in longer for more profits.
Trading is getting really easy as long as I follow what is taught by CTU.

Thank You Fausto for all that you do.

Steve L.

Fausto, I’m going to send you a big THANK-YOU now because I have to leave before the end of this last session. I have gained some impressive knowledge and techniques, and it now rests on me to practice, practice, practice. Your teaching has given me enough confidence to invest in a faster computer and two 23-inch monitors and I will be signing up with the best platform that I can access by Friday (still researching that). Anyway, thank-you so much – I will definitely be seeing you in the next month’s Platinum course! Blessings, Marelon


Thanks to you and your staff – I have enjoyed leaning how to Day Trade.

I have been swing-trading stocks and trading options at least 5 years under the direction of a brokerage firm. The results were not to my liking, so I decided to learn how to do it on my own. I took several short courses online that opened up the world of serious trading. I first became aware of the intricacies of day trading after reading your book and decided that your company “Cyber Trading University (CTU)” offered the comprehensive training I needed to day trade successfully. I’m very satisfied.

I took the Premium course, which, as you know, gave me lifetime rights to taking the course again, and followed that by taking individual training and frequently reviewing the recorded courses that I had attended. I found the Premium Course is an excellent course that covers day trading followed by several hours of actual live day trading. Training is enriched by the use of Webex webinar software, which allows students to chat and ask questions to the instructor throughout most courses. All instruction is easy to understand and the atmosphere is always relaxed, but business-like. The audio has had problems, but it seems to be improving. My customer service couldn’t have been better and correspondence between personnel at CTU has always been a comfortable, rewarding experience.

Keep up the good work.

Fred R.

Cyber Trading University has opened my eyes to aspects of day trading that I was unaware of before and have never heard discussed in any other trading classes that I have attended. Fausto and his team of outstanding traders, provide an excellent set of courses with which comes an outstanding customer service team and a lively and interactive cha troom in which to converse with fellow students. Combining my knowledge of technical analysis with the techniques I have learned with CTU has been a lifesaver in terms of my trading performance. It has improved the probability of winning trades by a great deal for me. I feel greatly empowered by this new knowledge, and with this combination, I look forward to creating much wealth for myself and my family in the future.

– Georgina

Dear Fausto,

You and your Cyber Trading University staff are to be commended for helping thousands of us learn how to trade better in the stock market.

My experience in day trading began the fall of 2008. Being a successful long-term trader with over 30 years experience, I wanted to learn a more dynamic way of trading. I knew there would be losing trades, and before attending your CTU Platinum course in November 2009, I had lost over 60K of my original investment. My numerous books and webinars on the stock trading were not giving me the answers and support needed to become a successful day trader. You may say 2009 was the year that I became a true student of the market.

In July 2009, I attended a webinar where you were the guest presenter at my brokerage firm. When you started talking about your trade setup and use of the “ECN BOOK,” the markets started to make more sense. The fire was lit, after a few emails and attending your free two-day webinar (twice), I attended your CTU Platinum course. It is amazing how much you give away for free. Of course, we all know that trading in the stock market is governed by the law of supply and demand, but you show us how we can predict that supply and demand with 80% certainty.

Thank you for allow us to retake our classes for free and have a super CyberGroup chat room where we can further our education with fellow traders.

Your “Ten Commandments” are simple and easy to follow. When you follow them, you make money 80% of the time, when you don’t follow them… well let’s just say it ain’t pretty… (Didn’t list the Ten Commandments, because people should attend your course to get them.) I can’t say that I always follow the “Ten Commandments” as you presented them, but I can’t say that I always make money either.

Thanks again for all the great instruction.

Great program!


-Bill D., TX

Take this course and follow the guidelines. You WILL make money. The customer service and all instructors are the best, bar none. They all actually care. That is priceless in itself. CTU teaches not only mechanics and timing to an art, you are also taught to controll fear and greed….the two killers of a trader. CTU is a win…win….win!!!!!!
-Pam M., VA

First of all, I’d like to thank you and your staff at Cyber Trading University for providing me such a wonderful educational trading programs and excellent services. I found that Cyber Trading University day-trading course is a must for me as a day-trader because it has changed my level of day-trading skills, enhanced my trading confidence and experience. I used to lose a lot of money because I don’t know the right tool to trade. I used to lose a lot of money because I never learned how not to hold stock. I used to lose money because I didn’t know what time to trade. I used to lose the money because I didn’t know what the right stock to trade. I used to lose money because I didn’t know how to read the movement of the stock in order to enter and exit at the right time. And lastly, I used to lose money because I never seriously set up my game plan prior to trading.
Harold Dang

I just completed the CTU Platinum course on day trading along with reviewing the archives and I would like say “thank-you” to Fausto and his team of professional traders. The knowledge gained to visualize traps, bull/bear flags and support and resistance lines has helped my day trading improve significantly. It’s no longer a guessing game.

I would recommend anyone considering to day trade to take this course, it will pay for itself.


All of the instructors do a great job presenting this trading platform. However, I would like to see a little more connection between the ECN book and the movement with Level II. I have yet to be able to sit thru an entire program without interruptions on my end and when there is a question and answer session on the ECN book I seem to always miss that part. I always go thru the archives after class, but still seem to miss that part. Just be patient with me, I will get that part too.


All of your staff is first class and very helpful. I have taken the courses three-times now and each time, I pick up something new and build a little more confidence. I must say, I really get excited when I see you and the other instructors trading live. It’s like watching a well-oiled machine moving through the trades. The morning meeting and the CyberGroup is a big help and, I feel, “a must” in helping a person learn.

I know I still more to go, but I have learned so much since I started. I want to say, thanks to you and your staff for all that you do.


HI !

I would like to thank especially Fausto and everyone in CTU. Fausto’s course is a must for all those interested in stock trading. To say the least, it is a life-changing experience.
– Kontantinos

HI !

Dear Fausto,

I was glad that I had some time to be able to re-take your course and that CTU had space to accommodate my request this month. It is always a new learning process and it always adds some other piece to the constantly and wildly-changing trading puzzle. I am still learning something new during every free course re-take. Thank-you for providing a lively, vibrant course that’s full of new and important guidelines and updates.

* Delivery of our education. promptly, perfectly, up to date and on the subject. I also liked the new additions! Introduction to Trade related accounting by Mr. Green an absolute Plus-Bonus – thank you for making it possible and complimentary!!!
* Quality of our customer service. perfect as usual!
* Personal correspondence with our students non used this time – but thank you for offering.
Thank you again Fausto,
Happy Holidays to you and your team

HI !

Without this education level, 99.99% of people today would be lost when trading the markets. To benefit yourself, attending these courses is highly recommended. Best Wishes,


First off, I want to say “thank you”!! I wasn’t able to attend the Advanced and Master courses this past week, but I did review all the archives (Intermediate, Advance, and Master) starting Monday and finished yesterday afternoon (Monday is when I purchased the Platinum Course). It’s been a year since the last time we spoke/emailed, and I’ve been working to put myself in a position to actively trade again. But before I even think about taking that step, I wanted to take your courses to really learn how to day trade. Education and practice is very, very important!!

Let me tell you, when I was reviewing the Advanced courses, the light bulb went on!! The concepts, your trading style, and tools are a thing of beauty! Everything you taught is very easy to understand and extremely powerful to use in the market. I won’t miss your next set of courses (I’ve already registered) and I’m confident you’ll see first hand how much I’ve learned and want to continue to learn…everyday!

I love the stock market and that’s the one thing you’ve preached in your blog posts. If you don’t have a passion for trading, then this might not be the profession for you. Hopefully my passion and discipline shine through, because I sure do enjoy the game. Thank you again!! Tell Stephanie “thank you” as well. I love how disciplined she is with her trading! She did an excellent job of teaching this very important, but overlooked trait.


Robert Brown

I have taken the classes offered by CTU on day trading and have found them to be the best that I have ever seen. Once the basics are taught, the class is then taken to a real trading account and the instructors trade live. The other major advantage is the ability to retake the classes as many times as you’d like for no additional cost.

The support has been excellent and they are always willing to help. CTU sincerely wants you to succeed and their goal is to make that happen. I would strongly recommend taking this class if you are considering daytrading.


Brent Noble

Thank you again! I know you teach a lot of students and probably hear the same things over and over again. It’s a testament to your teaching and proven trading style. Like you said, at this point, it’s a matter of practicing similar to practicing a sport. At least the fundamentals are there now.



Well, I have completed your Day Trading Course at Cyber Trader University and what an experience is was and continues to be.

I have retaken the Advanced, the Intermediate and the Master Course one time and I am grateful that you allow your students the opportunity to retake several times and I look forward to doing so in the future. There is a whole lot of information in your courses, and a lot to grasp before that feeling of confidence will come.

The classes are just marvelous and I have nothing but high praises for you and your staff in your professionalism in teaching your educational courses. I hope to begin live trading soon, and feel the tuition was well worth the price. You certainly may use me for a reference now or at anytime in the future, if you so wish.

I will continue to look forward to a further learning of the necessary skills that I know will come only with dedication on my behalf.

Kindest Regards,

Lee Brandon

While I paid for my classes a while ago, this is my first run through. First of all, it’s absolutely brilliant and you’re a first rate pedagogue; I thank you. The other day when you were introducing traps, I had computer difficulty and missed that portion. While I understand it conceptually, I’m having trouble applying it with the kind of accuracy I know it requires. This appears to me like learning a language. If you don’t understand what a noun is, when you get to adjectives you what know what to qualify.

So do you remember which lesson it was where you introduced traps? I’m sorry to broach such a stupid question, but I’m very uncomfortable and don’t want to get too far behind.

Along with your truly brilliant program, I’d like to quickly take the time to acknowledge your staff. The staff have all been extraordinarily helpful any time I have had a question or a need. Pat and Dakai patiently walked me through the different options for finding a good trading platform.

Thanks so very much, Fausto.


I just completed the CTU Intermediate, Advanced, and Master course on day trading. It wasn’t like any other course I have taken. It was fast-moving and loaded with information that was totally new for me. I am thankful that the course is archived, because I have reviewed it 3 times. The mysterious world of stock specialists and market makers was revealed to me for the first time in this course. In the past, my trading relied on taking a position based on my beliefs. My beliefs were based on something that I had read about a stock or heard on TV. In the past, after I had opened a position, I watched and hoped. I would sit and watch blinking lights on my trading platform without a clue as to what they meant. Now I know what some of the more important blinking lights mean and it gives me greater confidence in my trading. I’m only trading 100 shares at the moment and I have been having superb results. When I move up to 1000 share trades in the near future, I fully expect to make a serious income at this.

Stephen Davis
Hendersonville, TN

Great course, the practice with you was extremely helpful. I learned a lot from the course and this is the first time I truly enjoyed trading and was not depressed at all. Trading is not easy, but it has become easier and more fun.

Thank you for the teaching and your patience. Great job.

Thank you,
Elena Vertkin

The courses I took gave me a great perspective about day trading; it was very educational and very clear. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in day trading. I lost money before taking your course and now I am starting to get it back!

Charles Smith


I thoroughly enjoyed your Cyber Trading education program. You get right down to what is really important in terms of trading. In 6 days you provided more hands-on help and knowledge than I got reading so-called experts or trying to self-educate myself over a 2 year period.

Craig Smalley
BC, Canada

I have enjoyed and do very much appreciate the education that you provided. I have numerous friends that made an attempt at day trading and they are no longer in the game. I did refer you to them but they lost a lot of money and they are afraid to get back into it. It amazes me that they went in to with no education at all and they did not use a Direct Access trading platform. They are not even aware how crucial a Direct Access platform is. The education that you provided has helped me to generate a new and hopefully sustainable income. For the first time in my life, I look forward to working on Monday mornings and I am having lots of fun. The rules that you have created have saved me a lot of money and every time I break one, I end up compounding a loss. I am working on being more disciplined and following your direction.

Best regards,
Dean Kovacs

My friend Steve and I have been Investools students for 3 years…we were struggling with finding a methodology and strategy that we could see consistent results with. Steve heard you speak on 5/27 with SOS and he had the biggest lightbulb moment of his life. He explained to me what you spoke about and we backtested it. We’ve hit profits that we never thought were possible. Then, I wrote out the written rules for us and now we’re happy trading partners every market day.  #1 what do you mean that you built a clock around knowing when to trade and when not to trade? We both got slapped around last Friday – it just wasn’t a nice trending day, so we both should have kept our powder dry…Steve found AIG based off the top 10 Nasdaq gainers that you spoke about how you find fast movers and we both rang the register on that stock.  What blew us both away was the way in which you said “just get $.20 out of your stock for a day’s pay”….we’re both discovering how to catch a trend and it was the most brilliant idea we ever heard.  Now, true stock traders with a plan & it was you that gave us the beginning clue to making this work.  We both want to keep following you, thank goodness Steve listen on 5/27.  We’ve both listened to that video at least 10 times trying to capture everything we can out of it.

Denise (now a professional stock trader)

I can’t tell you how happy I was to have participated in this week’s seminar.  I think there were 13 of us in that very first class. Your style and technique is great for me, I get it, and can’t wait to put it into practice.

Thank you so much for teaching us how to trade!

Darren Glass

Just want to say thanks for the class and the help. It was upbeat and of great value. Now for more review and practice then trading.”

George Coetzee

Using live webinar and archive content, Cyber Trading University provides content that is fresh, timely, and tradable. No hokus-pokus or wishful thinking. Pugliese and his staff show it and tell it like it is. Of all the many training programs out there, this one delivers and makes itself available over and over again … Showing a very very high customer service standard, CTU has consistently stayed with me over the past 2 years and at no time abandoned or dropped me from retaking courses. Keep up the great work CTU!!”



With today’s volatile markets, the individual investors must have the training and education to even have any hope of succeeding in trading in the stock markets. There is so much information that the individual investor just does not know about Wall Street and your own online or stock brokerage account. This course is excellent training to improving your current skills as well.

I have been trading for several years and have just completed taking Cyber Trading University’s day trading courses. Taking these courses has really given me the insight as to what actually goes on on Wall Street and the tricks that they use to get your money. Without a doubt the content of these courses is extraordinary. In the training you are right there with someone who shows you the tricks of the trade and answers the questions, with live examples of the process. You are learning from a professional trader, right there looking over his shoulder as he places live trades. I can’t say enough how helpful the instructors are. The information is so complete from the basics to the advance and the master trader class, from how to find trading opportunities, when to get in and out, to setting up your computer, and where to look for the answers that you need. You are shown the tools that you need, where to get them at the most reasonable prices and how to set them up, with live example of how to use them.

The instruction is such a learning experience with being able to ask questions and examples at any stage of the courses. You have access to downloading the course archives so that you can review them later at your own pace. You also have access to retaking the courses in subsequent months and times at no additional charges. In addition to the training courses, CTU has other professional traders and guest speakers along the way that you are invited to attend.

The customer service is excellent, you have toll-free numbers to call at any time of the day following the training, which is ongoing and excellent. You will receive quick and very timely answers to your questions from their instructors and Staff members.

After having completed the courses I will certainly say that I would highly recommend this service to anyone as the best service available today and wish that I had had it from the beginning of my trading years. .

I would highly recommend this training to anyone just beginning or wanting to improve your current skills.

Lee Brandon
High P:oint, N. C.

I learned a lot about day-trading from CTU program, turning from a skeptic into a believer. The delivery of the program and the education content is very meaningful and is designed to reduce the risk in day trading considerably. The webinars for each class are also recorded so that one can listen to them again and again at a time suitable to the student if the student cannot always attend a live session. CTU also helps you to setup the trading platforms as well and am looking forward to making some money.

Hope this helps,
Charanjit Singh

Simple, solid strategies will hold up in the long term, and in the most conditions. That is why I like CTU. I wish I found CTU a long time ago. It would have saved me a lot of time, money and effort.

Thank you for the lessons. The teaching strategy by walking us through the trade was very beneficial and made learning this a lot of fun. I am excited and am looking forward to this new opportunity. Out of all the coaching sessions, which I paid a lot of $$$ for, this was well worth the money that I paid and I believe that in the long run, this will have paid for itself. If anyone comes up to me wanting the same opportunity I will refer them to you. Thanks Again!”

Andretta Jackson.

I have enjoyed getting back into educating myself to day trade. Your course has been so informative showing how the market maker’s mess with your head in showing one thing and the stock does the opposite. The other courses I took relied a great deal on indicators and learning those birthday candles. You have shown me that if you follow the indicator’s in day trading you end up late and losing money.

I am looking forward to getting started in September and listening and learning in the chat room and reviewing classes. I know with time and following the rules you have given along with discipline and patience that my dream of day trading for a living will finally come true.

Thanks, Fausto and your staff at CTU.
Mark Miles

This is the third time for me taking the course and each time it gets a lot clearer.It’s a lot of new information and as you said it takes several times of taking the course for it to stick.
That being said it still needs to be put into practice and that is more learning.A lot of it I think is just becoming familiar with it all and then learning to be comfortable in it.
I appreciate your patience and the time you take to answer the same questions.Your course is down to earth with no pie in the sky promises.Simply if we can learn to do this we can make money trading. Thankyou again.
Jim C

Dear Fausto,
I am glad I took your course in stock trading. I now know how to trade stocks, make a profit, know when to get in and when to get out. I took other types of education in trading that the costs were much more and was not happy with the results. I would recommend Cyber Trading University to anybody who wants to really know how to trade, know whats really going on with the market makers and how they trade. Also your support staff is excellent and very helpful all the time. Thanks for all your help and education.

I have taken the full course package and know I know how a blind person feels if their eyesight is restored.
John Hewett

Even if you’ve been trading for years, if you haven’t taken CTU’s course you will not understand how the market works to separate you from your money. Fausto explains what you have to do to be a disciplined successful trader. He and members of his team have called me a number of times to check up on my progress in the course and he values communication with his students. A great course to take if you are serious about day trading and being a winner.
Case Geleynse

It is my great pleasure in giving my opinion in regarding the taking your course is very interesting and learning many more things in the market. The contents of the course is very excellent. Delivery of the course is very good.. Quality of customer service is very good. Personal correspondence with the other members of chat programmer is very good and very cooperative among the group..
Sree Rama Murthy Aialavajjala
Toronto, Canada

I would like to thank you and the staff at Cyber Trading University for the knowledge that you have shared in regards to the trading practices of the MM’s (Market Makers AKA Movers and Shakers). Hopefully, with some patients and a lot of paper trading I will be able to acquire the skills and discipline it takes to become a successful trader. I really appreciate the follow-up support and communication that your company offers!
Leo Caruso

I have just completed retaking the Day Trading Classes offered by Cyber Trading University. I first took the classes in May of this year. My winning trades have increased considerably and I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to become a better trader in Today’s Stock Markets to consider these classes. .The retakes are free and you can review the actual classes by being able to review the archived classes for your convenience at your own pace.
The instruction is excellent. Fausto is Amazing. You are right there looking over his shoulder and he is explaining his rational for what to look for in the trade. His years of trading definitely give you an advantage as compared to other courses being offered today. I recommend the Platinum Series. This course includes three classes; The Intermediate, The Advanced and the Master Classes.
I have been trading for years but I realize the markets have changed today and without direction and training and knowing what to look for the odds are really stacked against the average trader of today.
The content of the courses are excellent, from the beginning basic knowledge, and tricks of the trade right down to the actual trade itself. The charts and other essential elements of trading are clearly demonstrated, and you are able to ask questions, clarifying any points as the class progresses. I highly recommend the courses offered by Cyber Trader University.
Lee Brandon
High Point, N. C.

The concise, time-efficient CTU forex course as taught by active, seasoned traders is invaluable, even for the beginner. The course materials and ongoing access to the Trading Room, as well as the many useful tools provided, give the student a rounded knowledge and ability to begin trading with confidence immediately. An aspiring trader need not look any further for education. This course provides one with every possible insight into professional trading..
~ Erika

I have taken several educational courses and seminars in the past. The forex trading course at CTU is vastly superior to anything I have taken before. The training about the forex market and trading strategies was thorough and clear. The trading strategies will improve my trading in stocks and options since they can be applied universally. Correlations between other markets were discussed. The instructors were excellent and easy to understand. In addition, while many educational courses talk about money management and journaling, most do not tell you how to do it or what it entails. Not only did the instructors provide those details, but they made tools available to accomplish them. I would recommend this course to anyone, even if they don’t think they might trade forex. The management and journaling tools, correlations between markets, and clear discussions of strategies and multiple time frames will help anyone who wants to trade, even if it’s not in forex.

~ Mike

Your course is great, so far. The speed right for me, and it’s clear when you explain things. I like the basics – it helps for all trading, not just this. I like when you explain concepts, and then show them on the charts to help us better grasp them.

~ Barb

This course is wonderful, and so are you guys. I signed up for this class, not really interested in trading FOREX — I feel so overwhelmed just learning to day trade and I didn’t know if my brain could handle the additional stuff — but I signed up for essentially two reasons. The first, and most important reason, was getting in on the psychology of trading. The second was just to learn a little bit more about inter market relationships. There are a lot of courses out there that teach you either trade set-ups, or the psychological aspects, but I’ve never encountered one that weaves it in together as well as you. I’m really liking the course. I’ve often felt that the psychological aspect of the trading is my biggest missing link, and you’re doing well so far in filling that.

~ Ricki

I believe the course is very well-structured with comprehensive information and in academic style. It is also very practical and guides students through to actual trading. The power points presentation is excellent. I have learned a lot from the course. It is definitely the best Forex trading course I have ever taken.

~ Stephen

Fantastic course. I had to think hard about taking it, but I was so pleased that I ended up making the commitment.
This course has made me realize and take stock about trying to trade other peoples’ systems when they are not suitable for my personality. I am new to Forex, so this was the complete package for me. I had some knowledge of technical analysis, but the trading strategies and concepts were invaluable, especially with the bar-by-bar scenarios. Everything was valuable: the Trading Plan, analysis of the pairs, chart setups, methodology, indicators, position sizing, psychology, and analyzing the trades in a journal. Pieces of the puzzle came together as time went on. Credit due to the Instructors for content and delivery. Trading methodologies/technicals can be applied to all markets and will enhance all aspects of my trading. Above all, I realized that having patience and the right system is the key to successful trading. I look forward to spending time in the Forex trading room as ongoing education.

~ Anne

Thank you for an outstanding course in Forex training. From the basics of how the market works to a solid method of approaching trading, this course did it all.

~ David

There are a lot of educational courses available that teach how to do a particular trade(s), but none that will cover the gamut from trade/money management, trading psychology, correlations, and trading strategies and techniques. I believe your course should be a model for an educational package regardless of the market, techniques, or vehicles being taught. If I had been exposed to the concepts you have or will teach early in my trading career, I would have a larger trading balance, be a much better and confident trader, and have saved thousands in “education” that I would have passed on since I wouldn’t have been looking for the missing pieces of my education they promised but did not deliver.

~ Michael

In your class today, I have been given a concise and very valuable teaching, one far superior to other online courses I have attended. Over several months, all I have been able to glean from others are the very basics and how to read a chart and not much more — too scared to even demo trade for fear of “the unknown” in the “deep dark market of forex”. You have re-ignited my passion for currency trading and dispelling my fear of making mistakes due to lack of the right education.

~ Erika

The 2 day Options course now appears to be another great lesson. I say “now appears to be” because it was so far over my thick head that I am watching the videos over and over, AND finally grasping it…
But I’m getting it now.


After about 18 months of studies at ThinkOrSwim and Options Animal, (both of which I greatly respect as fine educational sources), I today feel I am beginning to understand how to select the particular Put or Call Combinations from the “Options Table” that are best for my anticipation of the likely move in the underlying. Until now, I just saw the near infinite flexibility of options, but didn’t see how to get started!


*Disclaimer: All testimonials are unsolicited.