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TradeStation Offers 20% Rebate on Trading Commissions for CTU Member

What is TradeStation?

TradeStation is a broker designed specifically for the tech-hungry, seasoned trader who trades actively, can meet the monthly minimums and is serious about his or her craft. Since 1982, TradeStation has delivered an industry leading trading platform built for the for the active trader. With offices located in the US, Asia and Europe TradeStation has a global reach. We focus on delivering superior technology, direct market access and deep discount commissions to the individual trader. We pride ourselves on exceptional support and education which enables the self-directed customer to reach their goals.

TradeStation has customizable features that allow for endless possibilities. There are established CTU platform layouts available which will align with the CTU program. We provide everyone the ability to practice trade or simulate trade so that you can learn before utilizing your own capital. TradeStation provides every customer with as many free 1 on 1 customization sessions they need. We have dedicated customer support, tech support and trade-desk support available any time a market is open. We are fully committed to supporting all members of CTU.

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If you sign up for a new TradeStation account and fund it immediately, you’ll receive:

For new students that have existing TradeStation Accounts:


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