Upgrade to CyberGroup & Student Portal

CyberGroup just got better!

We just added Pre-Market Alerts to our CyberGroup Membership
and now you can access it from your student portal.

Additionally, we are excite to announce we launched the new Pre-Market Movers Alerts Room on ProTradingRoom version 3 (PTR v3)

ProTradingRoom is still in the process of switching the main CyberGroup Live Trading Chat Room to version 3, but it should be fully upgraded by this Tuesday.

For our mobile users, please download the BRAND NEW PTR v3 Mobile App, please use the links below to download and install it on Google Android or Apple iOS Devices.

We also re-organized the dashboard widgets to make it easier to navigate the content included in CyberGroup. 

Our goal is to make the final upgrade of the CyberGroup Live Trading Room as seamless as possible, we understand that ProTradingRoom has changed a few features/configurations and we are going to document the changes and add a video on the new features on version 3 of the chat room.

If you are a Pre-Market Movers subscriber, you may have been using the Telegram app for the live alerts, we recommend that you download the PTR version 3 apps over the next few days and start getting used to it.  We are looking to use the new app exclusively for our real-time mobile push alerts in the next week, but we will post alerts on both Telegram and PTR v3 to give members time to get the new app.

These upgrades will give us so many new ways to provide better content and we are looking forward to sharing more over the next week.

Thank you for your patience while we do these upgrades and please feel free to contact us at support@ctutrading.com with any questions or chat to us in the trading room.