KISS Trading Method: How to Control Losses & Maximize Profit

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In this webinar Fausto covers:

  • Stock Market Basics
  • ​Developing a suitable trading system
  • ​Exploring different trading exchanges
  • ​Understanding the difference between market and limit orders and when to use each type
  • ​Grasping the differences between the Electronic Communication Network (ECNs)
  • ​Discovering how to buy or sell stocks at the right moment
  • Finding Tradable Stocks
  • Knowing how to examine market movers
  • ​Seeing where to find free news and information sources about fast-moving stocks
  • ​Exploring alternative ways to profit from company announcements (stock splits, buybacks, earnings, etc.)
  • ​Using Time & Sales in a color format to easily follow the supply and demand of a stock’s movement
  • ​Learning how to read and understand charts and graphs