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Why Is Day Trading Appealing As A Part-Time Job?

Day Trading is great for those who want to spend less time at work and use that time to enjoy the things they love. Imagine being able to make trades in the morning and then logging out, you can now focus on whatever else you wanted to do!

Being a day trader is not easy, 80%-90% of traders fail in day trading, that's a big number but are those traders just trading without proper guidance? Imagine you just started boxing, you would have holes in your whole strategy because you wouldn't know what to exactly prepare for.

Now, Mike Tyson comes and starts training you on how to be a boxer from the beginning, OF COURSE you are going to do better. Your chances of success dramatically rise and that's the same principle that applies with day trading. You need someone who is experienced to teach you in the art of day trading or the failure rate just goes up.

Day Trading Can Help You Make Six Figures

Yes, there are traders who are day trading right now and commanding six figures, these day traders have a trading strategy that works. Making money in the stock market can be difficult, there are more losers than winners. For those traders who make six figures, they are following the right day trading strategies. They know what it takes to day trade for a living, you need to be coach-able, and have a need to learn from mistakes. You need to know what to avoid and what to pursue, that's how you avoid the failure rate in trading!

Having over $100,000 coming into your hands every year doesn't sound so bad. That's less than $500 a day, that's a really good amount of money for buying and selling stocks. It's almost like your winning money when you are day trading, it feels good to know what to look for in-order to make that money in day trading.  Of course there are also the elite of day traders who are commanding over a million dollars per year, is it possible? Yes. There are many top day traders out there but then again some lose the strategy that originally made them money, the money disappears slowly.

There Are Online Communities of Day Traders

Traders like to be a part of communities and the day trading community is very active online. There are hundreds of live chat rooms that cater to day traders looking to buy "good stocks" or stocks that produce a significant amount of money upon selling. This makes life easier for those traders who are not too sure of what stocks to pick, the community works together to look for the "right stock".

That's one of the best ways to learn day trading too, being a part of an online community that has traders that all want to day trade! I think the trading chatroom at Cyber Trading University is the best because there are less traders in the trading chatroom. The reason there are less traders in the trading chatroom is because we screen for the most quality traders to be accepted into our trading room. We won't just allow "anyone" to come into our trading room. That's why people love to day trade, they get to day trade part-time and be a part of a QUALITY cyber community!

My point is this: it's easy to learn day trading when you are a part of a community that specializes on that particular subject of trading. It's appealing to know that you can look at other traders who are successful and calling out stocks that are "good", it gives you the motivation as a person to become a better day trader!

You Can Day Trade Anywhere!

Feel like waking up in your pajamas and having a nice hot coffee at 9am? You're a trader and you have earned the right because you know how to make money without having to break your back. Feel like making trades while looking at the ocean? Power to you, you are doing a really great job. Trading is about freedom and you want as much freedom in this life as possible. That's why the stock market is great, you have the chance to make money buying stocks and selling those stocks.

That's why we are day trading, we want the freedom that comes with the money. You can be a day trader and work a job too, you can make your trades in the morning and then do whatever other jobs you want to do in the afternoon or evening. Beginner traders usually use apps like Robinhood to do their trades, imagine buying a stock while your waiting for your NYC coffee to be made! The coffee might cost more than the STOCK (Why are coffees in NYC more than $10!?!?) But the whole point is that you can now make trades anywhere and you have more FREEDOM!


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