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Trade of the Week for August 15th

Despite being in arguably the slowest month of the market for daytraders, our August has treated us pretty well! On 8/16, at about 11:45am, the stock STEM showed up on our scanner. While it is cheaper than most stocks we trade, STEM had significant volume and fit our criteria as a daytrade. With a 30-day...

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Top 4 Reasons you’re an Average Trader & what to do about it

The unfortunate truth: The majority of traders fail or lose money in the market. Yet, we continue to hear stories of many multi-millionaire traders who started from the comfort of their own home.  Did these few traders get lucky? Is it just natural talent? What separates the average from the exceptional? Here are the top...

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How To Trade Like The Smart Money

70-80% of retail traders fail. Just let that sink in for a moment. Despite this depressing statistic, countless new traders think they will be the exception to that rule even though most are armed with only a small trading account, technical indicators that everyone else is looking at, and some knowledge gained from free websites...

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How To Prosper In The Coming Bear Market

The stock market has been soaring for the past six years and buy-and-hold and long-only traders have profited mightily. While these traders have done quite well, many of them will be tempted into believing that the stock market "can only go up" and that they've found the "magic formula" for profiting in the markets. This...

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Why You Need To Learn The Lost Art of Tape Reading

Tape reading is one of the long-lost arts of trading, yet it is one of the most powerful tools that traders have at their disposal. Tape reading started when traders literally read stock ticker tapes to gain insight into patterns and market psychology that could not be gleaned from corporate financial reports. Many of the...

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Why Now Is The Best Time To Be A Day Trader

It’s no secret that the past seven years have been a time of great economic and financial uncertainty, as well as one of the hardest times to be a long-term investor. Many long-term investors were walloped by the 2008 stock market crash and sold their stocks at the lows, only to see the market nearly...