@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Sometimes the Best Trade is No Trade #CTU #AftermarketRecap

Cyber Trading UniversityArticles @CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Sometimes the Best Trade is No Trade #CTU #AftermarketRecap

@CTUCyberGroup Lesson: Sometimes the Best Trade is No Trade #CTU #AftermarketRecap


Today in the CyberGroup Room it was a relatively slow Monday. As you can see in the chart, the Dow Jones only moved a total of 28 points and the rest of the day it was relatively sideways. We made some good trades on $SYMC and a good short on $IDRA, but other than that going into the afternoon hours things were slow and barely moving. As I go over in my classes, today I reiterated to the CyberGroup traders “not every day is a good trading day”. On a day like this, instead of forcing something, sometimes it’s better to stand on the sidelines and just watch.

As most of us know, a large percentage of the time when we force a trade it doesn’t end up going in our favor. Unfortunately, we can’t have stocks up over 50% every single day. We still took advantage of the few opportunities we had, but at the end of the day sometimes the best trade is no trade at all.

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